MPL ID S8 Playoffs English | Playoffs Day 4 Part 2 [English]

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ONIC Esports will welcome EVOS Legends to their match in the Lower Bracket Finals! Having the same goal, both teams must play their best to continue their journey to the Grand Final and M3 World Championship!

To conclude the Playoffs, RRQ Hoshi will welcome the team that won the match in the Lower Bracket Final! Being able to win the match in the Upper Bracket Final RRQ Hoshi was able to prepare the best in the MPL ID S8 Grand Final!

Stay tuned and continue to support your favorite team in this MPL ID Season!

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That wasn’t just rrq blunder. Let’s appreciate the fact that Onic outplayed them there so well. Starting from popol killing that mathilda, sanz outplaying and escaping Karina, rest two stunning ultimately killing Karina, to sanz killing the rest two when he was so low. That replay was so intense. It could have gone so wrong for onic there but they literally held the calm and out played them and won. Not to mention the 5 matches with evos. Well deserved. 👏

Author — CH


5 games vs evos, 7 games vs rrq. Onic deserves that win 🎉🔥💛🖤💛

Author — Masagus M. Farras Antarnusa


U guys talking about RRQ should win.. But u guys didn't see ONIC played 5 match against evos 7 match against RRQ... U guys can clearly see how exhausted they are..ONIC deserve to win... They played 12 hours🤞

Author — girl who don't use angela have dik


Congrats RRQ Hoshi as Runner up!
Congrats Evos Legend as 2nd Runner up!
Biggest thanks to all the teams that matching yesterday, and Casters, Analyst, also all Crews MPL-ID SEASON 8 too!
GGWP! 수고했어!

Author — ARS


Sumpah terharu bet liat muka RRQ nyesek bet kaya nya mojok gatau mau ngapain😭😭
Untuk ONIC congrat, liat pejuangan kalian dari siang tanding capek nya kek apa terbalas dgn kemenangan the best lah👍🏻👍🏻

Author — Rafi Ogan


That was one hell of a game. Clayyy (Chang'e) 2:39:50 used his Ult, making the next team fight useless. Vynnn (Mathilda) 2:39:58 engaged too quick, and R7 (Uranus) got stunned.

Meanwhile, Alberttt (Karina) 2:40:04 went in, did not evaluate the situation (R7 and Clayyy retreating), resulting in his death. Xinnn (Brody) 2:40:13 did great at split-pushing, but he would be more useful if he was in that team fight.

In conclusion, there is some miscommunication and they could've done better. Well played, ONIC! Hoping to see you go against ʙTᴋ!

Author — Burnt Steak


Just 1 mistake can end the game and thats it, congrats ONIC, ggwp RRQ…

Author — Bryan Regondola


Congrats onic, nt rrq semangat ya dua team di m3

Author — Andrew Dairy


Onic has some pretty girls in their team😻

Author — Celestine Lepcha


clave fue paquito al encontrar al unico jugador vivo.

Author — Pulpo Tmr


Gua fans evos gemge gaming sama onic dan rrq semoga bisa bawa pulang piala m3

Author — AxeL 亗


Those guys must be really tired especially Onic

Author — A X I Z


It's been a long time onic didint won the champion after 5 kage
Nice try onic rrq nice try

Author — j h


the king is back, , , raja langit mendapatkan tahtanya

Author — Paolyta Chelsea


The execution of RRQ there was meh. Brody wasn't there. Mathilda initiated even tho the others are far and upon realizing Mathilda died, the other 3 still committed. No proper communication. They are far from MPL champs. See you in M3

Author — Jim Kenneth Madronal


it's satisfying watching arrogance and disrespect becomes loser

Author — Rajin Di Tanya


Didn't respect the selena. Why did rrq open selena in final match?

Author — Rods Deresas


Yang oenting dah masuk M3 dan pasti bakal jadi pelajaran buat rrq biar ga terjadi di m3

Author — Dimas Firmansyah


Yg ada dipikiran gw pas ttq kalah:
Gmn rasanya dikalahin sama tim yg habis dibacotin rrq sendiri

Author — man of clint


TP disrespect by RRQ 😝😂 that's what you get boys 😎

Author — hesoyam nine99