Hades - Wish I Knew Sooner | Tips, Tricks, and Game Knowledge For New Players

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Fighting through the underworld is a tall task, but a little knowledge goes a long way. Codiak breaks down his Hades experience and shares everything from tips and tricks to game knowledge that will guide you through the story.

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Author — Legacy Gaming


I just kind of bought this game when I heard a lot of people like it. I suck at gaming, but I love it. Now when I FINALLY beat Meagara, I was so happy to never fight her again....boy did I not know shit

Author — Rachel Moredock


A little tip for your build creation : you can have only 4 gods (excluding hermes) on a single run, meaning that once yoy've picked 4 boons from 4 different gods, you can't have boons from other gods (say that you took a boon from zeus, poseidon, athena and demeter, you will not be able to get boons from dionysus, ares, aphrodite or artemis).

Author — Dressey


Give your first Nectar to Skelly... you get an upgradeable Death Defiance out of it. Really useful in the first few runs.

Author — The Other Devil


You know the character designs are god tier when the artist takes something that's been done a million times and makes you want to see these characters in other media besides this game. I would watch the shit out of a hades animated series amongst other things. The characters look so fucking good.

Author — Mujushin Kenjutsu


I think I underestimated Hermes in the early runs, either the extra dash boon or the one that increases movement speed is such a huge help for the final boss.

Author — Mike E


Fun fact! The game really wants you to have two Daedalus hammers by the end of your run (not counting Charon’s anvil in Styx). So if you encounter a door with a hammer and a door with, say, a Hermes boon or a desperately needed centaur heart, feel free not to choose the hammer. If you don’t have two Daedalus upgrades by the time you complete an area of the underworld, one usually shows up in the shop. So yes, the hammers are important, but if you see something else you’d rather have, go for it! Unless you deliberately ignore the hammers, it’s pretty much impossible not to get two of them by the end of your run.

Author — sophia


Here's a tip for bow players: attacking right after dashing makes your attack charge faster. This is REALLY important if you ever wanna finish a run with the fourth aspect of the bow!

Author — He Kirb


Theres a fated choice logo next to the boons you havent chosen yet. Hunt these for prophecy rewards. They are also on the boon list you can bring up. Its helpful when planning for duo boons

Author — Bluezero03


This is literally one of the best games I’ve ever played. I’m so glad this has been added to consoles

Author — Wildcard


Game is an absolute masterpiece. Like a true rare 10/10. It achieves everything it wants to be with utter perfection.
Legendary status for me.

Author — GlaciusDreams


You can actually give Nectar to Chaos. The Keepsake you get from this, when equipped, lets you enter a chaos gate without spending health. Since boons from Chaos are the best in the game provided you can survive the debuff period, definitely equip this if you're serious about chasing power.

Also a reason to consider passing up a Daedalus hammer: Some of the offers can drastically change your moveset, such as the sword's basic attack being a slow and heavy downward chop, or turning your Adamant Rail into a shotgun with melee range and reduced ammo. If you're getting ready to fight satyrs in Styx, maybe now isn't a good time to find out what that fated choice option does.

Author — Andrew Blechinger


When talking about keepsakes I think it's really good to mention Dusa's feather duster.
It has a certain % chance to drop HP when breaking urns.
It has gotten me pretty far.

Author — Ghoul Spawn


I hope this game spreads like the plague it’s so good. They do so much to make my so far 70 hours of game play feel like I’m still discovering new story lines or new builds Etc, this is probably the only rougelite I’ve played were I feel really invested in the characters and wanting to learn more about them and the over all story as well as the core gameplay loop being my favorite out of the binding of Isaac type of rougelite series

Author — Ian Odin


For early game, unlock the Rail gun ASAP and slap as many Artemis crit boons/Support Fire and any Daedalus ammo/speed up boons and you'll clear out rooms in seconds. If you go even further and get the Deflecting Dash on top of that, or go for the 300% special Nuke from a Daedalus hammer, you become an untouchable walking arsenal.

Author — Luceloupgarou


It wasn't until I was more than 20 hours in that I realized there were 2 options to choose from the Mirror.

Author — RyanToolbox


Happened to download this just before my father passed and started playing it on Bereavment. What a great game to explore a lot of those feelings with.

Another note was that I spent 40 days with Lost Ark before playing Hades and it reminded me why MMO elements are just not fun. Everyone talks about the combat in LA but Hades is better without all the time wasting stuff.

Author — Poker Mitten


Enemies take damage when they fall into the lava in Asphodel, so get those Poseidon boons to push them into it.

Author — Toni Šimundža


One of my favorite strats is starting with Cthonic Coinpurse (Hypnos’s keepsake) giving a head start on gold then switching to skelly’s tooth after the first boss.

Author — Birdseed


I made the mistake of entering a Chaos Gate before a boss once. Got a boon that halved my speed for the next three encounters just before Theseus and Asterius. Needless to say, I didnt survive.

Author — StoneTimeKeeper