Dashboard video of officer-involved shooting

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Dashboard video of officer-involved shooting 4
Dashboard video showing the July 5, 2013, shooting of 42-year-old Dean Randolph Jess by Yellowstone County Sheriff's Lt. Shane Skillen. Jess has escaped from the state prison in Deer Lodge days before officers attempted to arrest him.

Warning: This video contains graphic language and content.

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Whoever makes jeep Windows should make cell phone screens..

Author — j dog


Why didnt they just tell him to put the gun down

Author — thatguymactv


Did anyone else get bad anxiety about the crossfire in this video?

Author — The CowPerson


No wonder the guy couldn’t hear him, those windows are sound proof

Author — aware24


Did ASP do this one? We need Corrieas feedback, all kinds of bad in this one.

Author — Hingle McCringleberry


I see a guy with a gun walking out of the Jeep that’s a fail to me, should have just got rid of him. to dangerous to be kept alive.

Author — Ben Ashley


If I was told to put a weapon down 62 times, at that point I'd assume you're just bluffing.

Author — Mark Kulyas


Idiot. Just drop it and go to jail. Any day above ground is a good day.

P.S. people who live in houses made specifically of Jeep glass can throw anything they want.

Author — JeevesReturns


Iam sorry but I busted out laughing when the other cop came in like he was gonna break the window and the stick went flying not once but twice!!!

Author — Angelica Lozano


Cop: put it down x100
Guy: doesnt
Cop: shoots him

Author — SH


Since when did UPS start making traffic stops???

Author — Jon Boll


Jeep motto “ life time window warranty “. Lol

Author — Anthony Fig


so what did I learn from this makes some high quality windows!!!

Author — Alutacon


You’d see my hands from space if I was surrounded by police with their guns drawn

Author — Righteous Freedom USA 1776


These window glass remind me of a scene in Avengers movie in which Nick fury's car windows gets hit by bullets, grenades, missile and what not! but car air conditioning is still working.

Author — Ankit Nagpal


Never drive a jeep into a lake with the windows up.

Author — TylerDurden


Some where a SafeLight windshield repair man was screaming...."BREAK, DAMN YOU!!!"

Author — Larry Fine


If they'd have only told him to put it

Author — DAD RAB Rice


Rumour has it that 6 years later the officer was still telling him to "put the gun down now" !!.

Author — Steve Ellis


Whoever makes jeep windows should market them to Sovereign Citizens.

Author — Michael Stow