10 Most Advanced Ancient Civilizations

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Indus Valley civilization is most advanced for me. Having Been able to live harmonious like that without modern concepts meant they had to have the most advanced technologies out of any civilization.

Author — @russellfurlong5869


My wife and I binge this channel every free second we have. I'm a sucker for history, especially controversial history. Thank you for your work! 😘

Author — @americanjoetv1390


Interesting civilizations; I didn't know some of them before. The thing I didn't get is why no mention of Sumeria and Ancient China? Both drastically had impact on nearby civilizations and very characteristic styles of technology, architecture, religion and language. Also, Myceneans are Proto-Greeks when they actually came to Greece, who also destroyed Minoans and absorbed their culture.

Author — @ForceOfUru


I think the Great Lakes civilization were the most advanced for their time. But it's the Indus Valley civilization that REALLY fascinates me! It's just amazing to see a civilization rise that doesn't have kings, a ruling class or warefare! How did the organize themselves? I'd LOVE to know their secret!

Author — @ivymerritt7577


Showing the famous Valvhitrun treasure from Bulgaria (7:43) as artifacts of an ancient Thai culture shows that you should pay more attention when doing your research 😉. Thank you for the interesting video.

Author — @lipopld


I visited Caral about an hr from Lima it was very interesting to see the ruins of the pyramids and the structures that were once a city it was a nice piece of my countries history 😀

Author — @AlonsoVlogs


Always fascinating content Katrina. I enjoy hearing about past civilizations. Much ♥️& all the best. Have a great day all!

Author — @carrieeawbrey2830


You’d think we’d learn something from all these great civilizations. Yet we make the same mistakes over and over. Still, fascinating.

Author — @janscott602


It's great to know that there were ancient civilizations

Author — @jaredquinney204


Your videos are amazing. Thank you for all the hard work you do.

Author — @Thefoxyiscute151


I love this channel, the way is explained and Katrina is awesome !!

Author — @hugofrancisco5547


Thank for sharing:The San bushman Namibia tride of Africa has the oldest DNA marker on earth. That goes back nearly 200, 000 year ago. And Museveni of Africa explains was the most civilized continent 5, 000 years ago.

Author — @tonywhitsett2038


It's a shame that the names of the different people aren't all as easy as Aztecs! Lol. Especially when you are dyslexic 🤔. Love learning what I can!

Author — @cynthiajelsema968


This was an extra amazing episode! I just love OE😊 Cheers from Denton, Texas😻😸😺🐈❤️

Author — @jenniferbalesteri2810


Love starting my day with this channel. Sending love from Fort Worth Texas. ❤️

Author — @eplvn1982


The copper culture were those whose livelihood depended on the sea. Once they found a good port in the great lakes region they tried to urbanize it. The local natives either chased them out or killed them. The smelting tech was never passed to the natives.

Author — @delmccormack7001


The prehistoric city of Teotihuacán arose during the Classic Maya period around the year 600 BC

Author — @riddick7082


I love all your videos it really makes me happy a lot please keep up the good work you make me happy every day 😊😊

Author — @kiritoterry5675


Indus valley civilization had one man protecting them, from their foes powerful enough to ward of army battalions. However, it's said that, the man turned on the populace and eradicated them out of existence later on.

Author — @adityanair4899


It always amazes me how so many different peoples seemingly independently built pyramids

Author — @donricardo3788