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To purchase the book and the movie in HD, follow the link below. The construction of the Great Pyramid and the True History of Humanity revealed.
The construction of the Great Pyramid and the True History of Humanity revealed.
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Correction: My speech was recorded, in May 2020. At that time, I didn't preview to monetise the film. But with the national economic crisis, monetization has become essential for me, so the movie is now monetised.
I devoted approximately 1.296.000 minutes to this film. If you feel that the movie meets your expectations, you are invited to participate by donating in the link Paypal above.
Aiming to support the voluntary work of my team.
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The Egyptian Meter. The experience.
Today we are in 2020.
Why then K 2019 ?
Because the year 2019, marked the beginning of the new History of mankind with the World Première of this documentary film.
The movie has actually official subtitles in: English, Turkish, Danish(Not yet official) and French.
French version of Great Pyramid K 2019
English subtitle file to use for traduction in other languages.
0:00 • Introduction
1:11 • Director's speech
5:49 • The Giza Plateau and the Great Pyramid
15:43 • Academic theories on the construction of the pyramid
25:02 • Alternative theories
29:33 • The theory of Joseph Davidovits
41:03 • The discovery of the numeration by 10
43:04 • The discovery of the Meter - Heliacal rising of Sirius - The beginning of geometry
50:23 • The discovery of Pi 3.14
52:36 • The invention of the Royal Cubit 52.36
54:02 • The Invention of the Imperial System - Applied Mathematics
1:00:02 • The plans for building the pyramid
1:07:08 • The beginning of the construction of the Great Pyramid - The underground chamber
1:15:47 • The equinoxes
1:26:50 • Molten granite
1:44:41 • The King's room
1:52:11 • The clock
2:00:24 • The pose of the pyramidion
2:07:24 • The King's ceremony
2:16:30 • Black Egypt, Negroid Kemet
2:23:53 • The trip to America
2:32:03 • The crossing of the Berque brothers
2:43:03 • Egyptian-African immigration to America
2:51:15 • The trip to Tiwanaku Peru
2:57:05 • The trip to Easter Island
3:02:37 • The trip to Australia
3:07:20 • Immigration in India - Cambodia - Indonesia
3:16:34 • The Apocalypse, Egypt - Greece
3:20:54 • Transmission - Freemasonry
3:26:59 • Conclusion
3:33:19 • Film credits

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💬 Comments

I really appreciate many of the elements of this documentary, the open mindedness, the courage, and the impressive amount of research. I especially appreciate that many other alternative views are being given fair representation. The challenge I had was with the assumption that Afro-Egyptians traveled the world and carried out massive architectural projects without leaving a significant genetic signature in those locations. I am still more inclined to align with many of Graham Hancock‘s theories about a predecessor civilization which disseminated these wisdom‘s across the globe - including astronomy, mathematics, the art of working stone, and similar spiritual doctrines. I do also love the promotion of geopolymer and concrete construction methods . I noticed in one of the comments the difficulties with the use of lenses to melt the granite where it too quickly hardens and re-coalesces into glass. The end result dictates some manner of stone softening which appears visually consistent with scoop marks out of native stone and to me points toward a chemical process. In many locations around the world there are artifact deep, detailed handprints casually scoped it into softened stone which could not be accomplished if the stone were thermally molten. Overall, an amazing documentary, and I’m profoundly indebted for the new information about the cm to water drop correlation!!!

Author — Bruce Ames


I've always been fascinated with ancient Egypt and this was a wonderful documentary, better than anything I've ever seen from National Geographic. It really showcased the mathematic and engineering genius of the ancient Egyptians. While I'm not 100% sold on the idea of using the sun to melt granite (that would need to be an awfully big lens) this seems much more plausible than the insane belief that ancient Egyptians cut granite (with bronze tools) into perfectly smooth proportioned blocks and then transported those multi-tonned blocks for miles using only man-power (or boat power) and then stacked them neatly on top of each other. And, of course, it took the French to put the truth out there. I would never expect something like this from a British or American source.

Author — Mike Davis


👏 👏 Bravo Mr Fehmi Krasniqi, as an Albanian🇦🇱 I should say that I feel very proud for you. The film is excellent. A big thank for you and your team.

Author — Blerina xhani


Among thousands of documentary films I watched, this magnificent one is the best ever with no competition.ive literally enjoyed every minute to the max...thank you all.

Author — Mohd Samhouri


Es para verlo, detenerse, retroceder, volver al punto, comprender demasiadas cosas. Es lo mejor que he visto en Youtube como documental, alguien escribió lo mismo y concuerdo.
Cómo nota personal solo siento administración por la gente negra, sus descendientes y el punta pie que dieron para todo.

Author — Carlos


This makes alot of sense. Only one question. Has anyone bothered to actually try to melt any type of stone with a giant magnifying glass? The whole thing hinges on a central untested hypothesis and yet still makes more sense than anything I've seen put out on this before.

Author — John


We need to consider to rewrite history with all the new facts presented in this video. As I have been in many pleaces on the world I always felt that there had to be a link between those places somehow. This definitely contributes to my feeling and finally explains a lot of things to me and hopefully many others too.
Thank you very much Mr. Fehmi Krasniqi for you excelent documentary !!

Author — Klaas de Jong


This is mind-blowing, i have read about many of these information before but they're put together incredibly in this documentary and with many added information ofc. great effort and work and a big thanks from Egypt.

Author — Kamalbashaa


Interesting. I have a question for you Fehmi, did someone study the possibility of egyptians had achieved the same result (concrete) with a bacteria instead of a magnifying glass? did someone find any piece (evidence) of that giant lenses? did egyptians travel through the ocean carrying the lenses?

Author — bajopalabra27


3:37:20 uno podría decir que es un documental bastante largo pero cada segundo vale la pena. Milenios de historia y civilización cuyo origen fueron el amor y la gota de agua.

Coincido con todas las personas que escribieron antes y es que es un trabajo magnífico. Muchas gracias Fehmi Krasniqi!

Author — Alfredo Lampert


I remember visiting Huanchaco, Peru and visiting the Chan Chan Huaca... simply unbelievable what I saw...The intricate designs and carvings from a past civilization...Talking with an Archaeologist from the States at one of many sites in the Area...He told me we are barely scratching at the surface of what we are discovering and trying to understand about the past...Thing's are not what they always seem...Great Documentary...Obrigado from Portugal!

Author — Dickie Larue


No matter how it was built it is the most amazing structure on earth

Author — JoeGeorge


O melhor filme que já foi produzido sobre essa magnífica civilização que foi o Kmt/ Egito!

Author — Gilmar Kaya Ngongo Abdeļļahï Gonçalves


I'm incredibly impressed. This is the first answer I've ever been willing to accept. I hope this becomes a worldwide shared movie. I believe every single soul needs to see this. Thank you for all the work you did to bring this to humanity. You are now one of my most favorite people. I'm going to tell all I know about you and this film. In fact tomorrow I'm forcing a friend whom is extremely ignorant and makes it difficult to know him to watch this. I'm 45 and he's 80 and I told him god takes the best young and you're still alive because you still don't get it. He's learning and going to learn more weather he likes it or not. Because all the people of the world that deserve to be validated will be if I can help it at all I will. Thank you immensely

Author — Jessica Jae Rosenbaum


My mind exploded while watching this masterpiece. Thank Fehmi and Team. Everything just makes sense.

Author — Malcolm Mhlongo


This is a thing of the mathematical prowess of ancient Africa and the power of a co-operative organised society. Thank you France for your intellectual creativity in putting forward such a plausible theory!!

Author — Themba Ntuli


Absolutely fascinating. Definitely not what I was told in school 40 years ago, and even as a child I knew that many of the things being taught didn't make sense. I think Fehmi Krasniqi is a lot closer to the truth than anyone has ever been before.

Author — Ghost In The Machine


What an amazing document. I was in some parts of the movie flabbergasted. I can connect more dots. Thank you!

Author — Roos Rafaela


Fantástica perspectiva coerente que integra construções nos 5 continentes através da cultura do antigo Egito. Que PAZ, AMOR E INTELIGÊNCIA guiem o caminhar do ser humano sobre a Terra sempre!!! Que esta data de 2019 possa marcar o começo de um novo ciclo onde a LUZ possa ser aplicada na medicina (laser), na construção (células fotovoltaicas), no transporte, etc. Felicitações pela pesquisa e pelo vídeo.

Author — Antonio Rodrigues


Interesante trabajo, especialmente al principio con el detalle de la hipótesis constructiva de la gran pirámide. No resulta creíble el desarrollo proyectado desde la nada, solo basado en la observación, del conocimiento egipcio y es contradictorio decir que los egipcios compartieron fraternalmente su conocimiento con el mundo cuando al mismo tiempo se muestra su decidida intención de secretismo. También se critica a los egiptólogos ocultistas cuando aparentemente seguirian la misma política de los egipcios que le mintieron a Herodoto. Ese secretismo aún perdura en los sectarios grupos masones. Es arriesgado afirmar que no existio esclavitud en Egipto cuando hay clara referencia del pueblo hebreo en contrario. Lo de la luz solar derritiendo granito tendría que verlo con mis propios ojos y no hay respaldo histórico alguno acerca de que la Iglesia haya fomentado una falsa idea acerca del corte de piedra. Y a todas las estatuas viejas se les rompe la nariz, sean de la raza que sea...

Author — Javier Berardi