FUNKY Golden matte paint pour kit experiment - flip cup

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

I got a Golden matte paint pouring kit on sale and tried it out :) I don't think I would buy it at full price (almost $30!) but for a sale it was great!

Materials used*:

Golden matte pouring medium
Golden fluid paints


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💬 Comments

That turned out so awesome - I was floored by all the colors hiding in there! I love the results!!!

Author — Luxinda Swirl Resin Tumblers


The difference when you blew the colours out was amazing, I’m now curious to see how your original idea of a layered tree ting will look. Take care and stay safe.

Author — Deborah Northover


The flip cup yielded unremarkable results with those strange cells, then you made it AMAZING. You have a great eye for being able to fix up a pour. I love it. It looks like a surreal landscape, with a hill with a path going up into the distance, and the sky bursting with color. I love this painting.

Author — PushingUpRoses Art


I am in love with that blue & surprisingly enough, the red!(I have worked for Target for 20 years, I live in red) You amaze me! Your aeristic abilities astound me. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work.

Author — Pika


Amazing how bright all of the colors were after you finally found them all hiding under the top layer. Since you are out of pouring medlium I wonder if you could use flotral to mix more paint.

Author — Holly Lowery


I haven't tried these for pouring but love Golden for traditional acrylic paintings. Amazing quality and super smooth tube paints! I like this, especially after you used the straw. The colors didn't muddy the way I kinda expected them to. The cells and lacing were a pleasant surprise!

Author — Shading of the Heart


The colors look great! Very unique indeed.😎👍

Author — RUNNER


I love it! The part you blew out looks like hard candy sticks.

Author — Kelly J


Turned out awesome! 😊 love the vibrant colors

Author — Linda Gazzoli


I love Golden. I actually use it with floetrol. They turn out vibrant and enchanting every time!

Author — Susan Klesper


I actually love it quite a bit. Good composition! Good choice to use the straw there.

Author — PlayLyss


Outer space candy canes!! 🍬🌌 Loved seeing the change with the blowing!! 👏👏

Author — Karen Rademacher


I really like how this dried! So glad you blew it out! 💖🥰💖

Author — Catherine the Paint


It would be interesting just to see if you mixed it with floetrol like you normally do and a little water to thin it. Only because usually Matte
Will really cell up. Especially with floetrol. I know you probably won’t be able to do that because there’s not much paint left in the bottles. I would just be curious to see the difference with using a different medium. Anyway, this turned out really pretty. I really like it. I think it looks like an Indian painting sort of, like feathers on one of those headbands they have.😍

I’ve always wanted to try the golden Matte. Thanks for sharing.👍♥️

Author — Sherri's Life


It makes me think of galaxy like at first, It’s pretty! And you made it super super pretty!!

Author — Brandy Cooper


I think they don't give much direction on purpose, the possibilities are endless! The straw was a good idea! I did like the green gold color...

Author — 2 campbell


Blood spatter, even after you improved the painting with the straw, that was stuck in my mind. Loved it before the torching, vibrant colors.

Author — Becky B


I like this funky piece. The top reminds me of an Indian headdress. You got some fun cells, too. I’m amazed how much color blowing brought up. That yellow piece at the top is my favorite, it really makes the top pop.

Author — Vonelle Vanzant


That real cool how it turned out the colors were hiding 👍🏼💜💕

Author — Gina Beana & Tootsie


I love it, blowing it out with a straw was a great idea, I love it ❤

Author — Prophetess Frye