Why America's police look like soldiers

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Why America's police look like soldiers 4

Why are the police bringing military assault rifles to protests? And where did they get them?

Across the country, Americans protesting racial injustice and police brutality – the overwhelming majority of them peacefully – have been met by police forces that look more like an army. Officers have shown up to protests with riot gear, armored trucks, and military rifles. This is what America’s police now look like, and it’s the result of a decades-long buildup of military equipment among the country’s police departments. It began as a Reagan-era program to give police departments more resources to fight the War on Drugs, and has escalated ever since. Today, the idea of a militarized police force is baked into how American police see themselves.

Read more about the history of police militarization:

More on the history of the 1033 program:

And read more of Arthur Rizer’s research here:

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This could all be fixed with Kendall Jenner giving them a Pepsi.

Author — Stop Motion Samurai


Lemme just: Mitary is not the DoD, grenade launchers shoot tear gas only.

Lemme just part 2: This is abt the protests, defunding and brutality. They have the things but not the training. A police officer with HtH training will more likely not use gun if possible if theyre confident in their abilities. A police officer which is NOT cpnfident in theor ability will go for theor gun more of the time. We need to fund the police more for training etc. Defunding wi make the problem worse.

Conclusion? Fund the police more, protest a change in what they put money towards (training). Support the police.

Author — ZyIn Ghost


Those “rifles” in the beginning were paintball guns, possibly with pepper spray in them. You can see the gas cans

Author — Brent Robinson


2050: "why does the police have Juggernaut suits with anti-aircraft missile launchers whilst riding a Abrams M1A2?"

Author — Blazin Hazin


I love how everyone thinks that "military grade" means the best when it actually just means cheapest and most mass producable

Author — Doomskull


Several years later,
*_"Why do America's police have fighter jets?"_*

Author — Just Some Girl With A Mustache


USA: *uses tear gas*
Germany: *uses military gear*
Russia: *uses icbm*
China *uses military*

Author — Hdndhfjjddjbxbxnxjdus Hwbdhdhdjdbebdbxhdjdhdhd


US Military: ''hey we have a few spare abrams, a couple A-10s, and an Arleigh-Burke class destroyer to spare aswell''

Police: *proceeds to nut heavily*

Author — poor soviet farmer


Regarding the Iraqi demonstrations and the use of sniping and tear gas penetrating the protesters' skulls, US police looks like 5 stars

Author — Ahmed Jasim


0:42 Please correct me about the situation, but i can't help but saying

there might be a.... Riot?

Author — СБК


American protesters: You can't use armored vehicle. You're scaring us.

Russian police: Hahahahaaha, Our BTR goes boom boom boom.

Author — Aren


Also “grenade launchers” really? This is why context is so important. Those things fire teargas shells and nothing else, no cop is walking around with a six shooting 40mm grenade launcher.

Author — ThatOneGuy


"Why are you in riot gear" I dont know maybe its cause they're trying to stop a riot

Author — Galexy code


Could y’all like, y’know... show the full video clips? Oh wait then this would all fall apart gotcha

Author — Schrödinger


Ireland: Deja Vu

Author — Murray Man


2025: “why do mall cops have Nuclear Submarines”

Author — Liam Corbett


Them: "Where do they get all this Weapons?"
Me: "In America"

Author — Dustyツ


Just wait till the National Guard arrives with M1 Abrams and Humvee

AC130 and A10 too

Author — Tobias Pramono


Well some of these photos were national guard so technically that is the military

Author — GreenLookinBoi


Vox: "The military and the police are supposed to serve different purposes"

The French: hold my Gendarmes.

The Chinese: what is police? I only send tanks at them.

Author — Thekyler 95