kapil sharma and sugandha mishra best performance ever

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kapil sharma and sugandha mishra best performance ever 4.5
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Who's watching this show in October 2019...🤔

Author — Kinza Doll


ईश्वर का साक्षात वरदान मिला है सुगंधा को।

हाजिर जवाब।
सुंदर गला।
गजब की एक्टिंग। इतना सबकुछ एक इंसान में मिलना सिर्फ भगवान के आशीर्वाद से संभव है।

Author — shailesh jha


She is tremendously talented. Amazing performance. Wish you success.

Author — vijay rao


Sugandha a hidden pearl...underperformed and underestimated...

Author — vinod bachankar


सभी यूट्यूब पर भाई राजीव दीक्षित जी के विचारों को सुने और सुनाएं आत्मसात करें उनके विचारों को जब से आप सुनेंगे उनके वीडियो को जवाब देखेंगे तो आपके विचार सोच सब बहुत ही क्रांतिकारी तरीके से बदल जाएंगे सुने एक महान क्रांतिकारी को एक महान वक्ता स्वदेशी के प्रखर वक्ता महान आत्मा ज्ञान के महासागर कोहिनूर हीरा भारत रत्न के असली हकदार को जय हिंद वंदे मातरम

Author — Praveen Mavi


Sughandha is a very BETTER play back singer
Usko music me chance dena chahiye
Multi talented sughandha

Author — Deepak Swain


Such a creative Lady all the best सुगंधा

Author — Nitu Khare


She deserves to be great singer ..she has a multiple talent both classical n modern songs😘😍😍

Author — oyem tashing


OMG..?? Sughanda mishra is jst ammazzing..

Author — Ankush Mehta


I was here to kapil..but wow..sugandha is an "A" level performer😱😍

Author — Siya Jain


Sugandha Mishra is very talented actress. God bless his talent.

Author — RST TYAGI


She is really aswm she is acting is mind blowing i I really LV Her all acting

Author — Biswajit Mandal


Best imitation performance ever!!!

Sugandha Mishra is one of the most talented people I've ever encountered on YouTube -- She deserves to go far!

Author — pmathew1216


Ms. Sughandha is a pack of great talent

Author — Venkat Ramana


Superb talented really one of the best performance.

Author — Biswajit Barai


Really truly heartly she is voice mind blowing 👌

Author — Riya Belwal


Sugandha - you're the best female mimicry artist. Awesome

Author — ಅದೆ


Omg she's really very multitalented, not only comedian, actor singer

Author — Dream Creation


reaallly awesome ...i love it...sugndha is cute..

Author — pooja jain


Amazing standers comedian ...such a brilliant voice ... please give the opportunity to her

Author — Mani Vasagan