Getting Ahead Of Alzheimer’s: Young People Look To Protect Brain Health | TODAY

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Getting Ahead Of Alzheimer’s: Young People Look To Protect Brain Health | TODAY 5

New research suggests that Alzheimer’s disease may start developing at a younger age, and young people, including actor Seth Rogen and wife Lauren, are taking action. NBC’s Maria Shriver takes a closer look at the science and the millennials making changes to their lifestyles.

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Getting Ahead Of Alzheimer’s: Young People Look To Protect Brain Health | TODAY

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LIFESTYLE has to be viewed as a MEDICINE 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

Author — Super Sharda


Alzheimer's is heartbreaking. It's like watching someone you love die everyday.

Author — MIR SH


Props, because I’m sure he was trying to help his moms and not just himself.

Author — Ryan Ortega


Thank god im a math major/math I get TOO much brain stimulation.
doing math daily helps too. I had a professor my
Undergrad who was 93 and STILL teaching like he was 60

Author — Hossien S


Processed foods and sugar are evil and are destroying us!!
I've been doing my best but I can I do more

Author — goyod6


Im 61 now and I do remember my grandmother showing me and feeding me so many healthy foods, from her Italian roots, meditation foods, olive oil on everything ! and reading books. I feel my mind is sharp in many ways at this age and she lived to 96 but she was slowing down in her mind somewhat .

Author — Susan Wedell


Funny thing ... medical professional aren’t practicing what they preach, bad sleep schedule, increase load of stress, lack of eating healthy, lack of exercise... funny how life is ...

Author — Coisa DaLatinoamerica


i appreciate seeing this as my grandmother has Alzheimer's.. and some days are intense & stressful. Thanks

Author — Dawn Woody-Poitra


The mother of a good friend of mine did just about every little bit that these Millenials are doing now, for many decades. She was a great example of a healthy lifestyle to her family. Her children follow now all she did.

Her children also buried her a couple of years ago. The cause: complications from Alzheimer’s. I attended her funeral.

There by the Grace of God we go...

Author — theduchessofkitty


"When you're in you're 20s the last thing you wanna think about is how will my health be like in my 50s and my 60s"

I think about that all the time. I'm 19 and my biggest inspiration is Madonna; she started taking care of her health at a very young age and now at almost 61yrl she looks great.

Author — Raf Warner


I stop drinking * Alcohol and I run a lot I hope that helps

Author — john duran


White, E. G. (1977) Mind, Character, and Personality, vol. 1. Nashville, TN: Southern Publishing Association.

Great book on mind health

Author — Simon


Stoners fighting Alzheimers is this Comedy Central?

Author — Bliss


I'm losing my memory and balance sometimes too. Im very funny an at first it can be very funny very funny be very very frieghtning when you have nobdy

Author — Carol h


This is an important great grandfather had Alzheimer's and my paternal grandmother has dementia so I know how hard it is to watch their minds fade into's like their bodies are still here but their mind checked out a while's heartbreaking..but there are also causes that mainstream media will not talk about and those factors are just as important as the ones mentioned in this video..if you want to know what those other factors are and you're brave enough, you can do your own research about it..I'm doing what I can to prevent Alzheimer's and dementia from happening to me because I was brave enough to do my own research..PLEASE, for your own health take the information in this video but supplement it with more info that's out there..this is a horrible disease and we need to prevent it as much as well everyone ☺☺

Author — Sunshine MishasMommy


1st. Anyway, you who are reading this. Have a great day. Stay blessed

Author — john derik


Yay! People have finally figured it out! Congrats now be consistent in your activities. Very simple. So everyone who watched should know and there should be a difference.

Author — Daniel Turner


0:33 Thank YOU Srth Rogan.

For starting the conversation....


Author — bigbabyzubas


As a Patient Care Coordinator in Home Healthcare I see Alzheimer’s and Dementia increase daily among patients which takes a toll on families. Great message & video! 👩🏻‍⚕️💼👍

Author — Jocelin D


I like eating pizza, burgers, soda.. so I'm going all out..

Author — Frank Martinez