Hero of the rails: Wind up remake Part 1/3

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  • ℹ️ Published 14 years ago

Part one of my Hero of the rails remake, using wind up trains and HORNBY wind up track!
In this part, Spencer arrives on Sodor and everyone is cross, then Spencer teases Thomas about his size and thomas has a race, but gets lost an discovers an old, lost engine named Hiro. Thomas wants to help Hiro Straight away, but needs to visit the Sodor Steamworks first!
Continued in part 2

NO goof spotting, and DO NOT point out mistakes, ect - you may be blocked. Bear in mind I had to fit the film into around 25 minutes, so I couldnt include every tiny detail of the film.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Thomas and friends OR the rights for this episode. Doctor who music belongs to the BBC and thomas music to Hit Entertainment!