2021 Nissan Fairlady 400z Concept ( z35 )

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2021 Nissan Fairlady 400z Concept ( z35 ) 4.5

Hi, this is my design proposal for the 2021 Nissan Fairlady 400z ( z35 ). Nissan is one of my favorite brands and I was very excited when hearing that the new Fairlady Z is on the way to join the amazing family along with the original 240z, 350z, and 370z all gorgeous cars anybody would love to have me included of course!!

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This is not an official Nissan Car and was created just as a Tribute to Nissan with entertainment purposes; it is not related to Nissan Motor Company in any shape or form.

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Nissan should hire you as a Chief-Designer...

Author — i


If I could, Id buy 3, 1 for me, and 2 for my friends

Author — Million Bucks


That’s a new car I would actually drive.

Author — XionAzura1



Author — ブル


this is one of the best sportcar design i ve seens, honestly, i have no expectation from nissan after seeing this, i am sure the real one would not be as good as yours

Author — Yulok Ng


If you put Zero Fight next to it, I definitely imagined Z running in Spartan ❗😊👌❤

Author — aran 0911


Have you ever thought about making this as a kit available for the current Z..?

Author — Eric Her


"it is not related to Nissan Motor Company in any shape or form" - it's a big shame that it isn't.

Author — sk3Lph



Author — nick Mr


I can tell u put a lot of time and effort in creating this perfect masterpiece! It’s simple, clean and still holds the Z lines. Should tag nissan on Instagram and FB! It never hurts to let them know.

Author — Gym Z


Dude I love this z version, looks phenomenal bro!

Author — Alex Garcia


I owned a 76' 260Z n a 78' 280Z limited Black.

I would buy this Z tomorrow if it was available!

Great design!

Author — Ismael Gonzalez


Beautiful! if they build it I would buy!!

Author — E Mat


You are a very talented enthusiastic car guy . I love the progressive design taken from the older lines of Nissan . You should be at the drawing board of bmw or audi to inspire them . Wish you the best, keep your renders coming paired with the manual transmission. Best of luck .

Author — Majid Noor


I like how existing Nissan design language has been incorporated. I can see the rest of the model line in the details

Author — Doug S


The car looks so beautiful it is like a 370z from the future 😁. Those lines, the big bulges surrounding the rear n sides 😍. Nissan should make this concept of yours, OFFICIAL. 👍

Author — nick ladeeda


This looks so better than the freaking BMW looking SUPRA

Author — The Living Testimony Channel


Adan you did a damn good job, now I'm just going to be disappointed when ever it releases.

Author — Alex Harding


If they make this car I'll eat my hat. No way will they make such a beautiful machine, they always stick on the side
of boring dull cars. For sure if they did this design then it would sell like hot cakes. It was probably scribbled by some
talented artist who can hardly pay the rent every week. No way have Nissan got any artists that can match this. Nissan need to
hunt down this guy and give him a job...I for one would buy this car in it's pretended shape.

Author — msrtin collins


Yeah this is new Z.
Beautiful baby. I own two ✌️ Nissan's and save space in garage for this beauty.
Well done now let's start production.

Author — Mladen N