Iran admits to unintentionally shooting down Ukrainian passenger plane

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Iran admits to unintentionally shooting down Ukrainian passenger plane 4.5
Iranian state TV says the country 'unintentionally' shot down a Ukrainian jetliner because of human error. CNN's Fred Pleitgen has more. #CNN #News

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War is innocent people dying and politicians talking.

Author — Ashutosh Rout


im iranian, trust me my gov is lying, they shot it down intentionally

never believe anything they say, thats what i've learned after 21 years of living here

Author — Siavoush Avesta


Iran: Yea we "accidentally" killed 170 civilians, we thought there were Americans there... BUT IT WAS AMERICA'S FAULT!!!11!!1!

Iran with nukes: Oops, we "accidentally" nuked Ukraine, we thought there were Americans there.... BUT IT WAS AMERICA's

Author — Sadtv


Iran: Whoopsie, our bad.
Also, Iran can't tell the difference between a passenger plane & a military jet, but some how feels ready to take on the U.S. military??

Author — elliott1017


Iran is like a 15 year old boy seeing his first boob and not being able to control his projectiles

Author — Curt Walter


Iran: is scientifically impossible we shot it down

Iran 2 days later: yeah we did it 😬😬😬 sowwy

Author — Jay Martinez


There is no word to describe the stupidity of these people.

Author — Ali Umar


The US kills a “general”
Iran’s response- trample 40 people at his funeral shoot down a passenger plane, and kill no US soldiers in a missile attack.
Yeah they sound very ready for war😂

Author — Scotty P


But earlier those morons said there was no possibility

Author — Recyclops


“Yeeeeah, those 170 people? Yeah, sorry about that.”

Author — ben nelson


Looks like America doesn't need to do anything, Iran will just the job for them.

Author — sweggie boi


You do not simply shoot down a passenger plane by mistake!

Author — Matthew Carter


Proves Trump's point that Iran should never have Nukes That was a big oopsie

Author — Tony


Iran: "It's 100% Scientifically impossible" "Iran has done some scientifically impossible stuff"

Author — seven dyseven


...imagine what accidents will happen when they have nukes...

Author — D C


When Iran refused to hand over the black box and they quickly cleaned up the crash site, it was too obvious to continue denying their act.

Author — Timon


*shoots down plane with nearly 200 people aboard*
Iran: “We didn’t do that at all...”
*2 days later*
Iran: “Whoops, sorry. My bad” 😬

Author — BoyLiam


Iran: “We didn’t shoot the plane full of infidels.”

Iran: (2 days later) “our bad”

Author — Jesse Baker


US: We will stop Iran at all cost!
Iran: Thanks but we’re capable of doing that ourselves!
World: We got a winner!!!!

Author — snakedog


Rip to those ppl... imagine the fear they felt

Author — Innocent