Craziest Ride of MY LIFE! Vaughn Gittin Jr. Drives/Drifts/Shreds Our 900hp GT500 Swapped COP CAR!

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Craziest Ride of MY LIFE! Vaughn Gittin Jr. Drives/Drifts/Shreds Our 900hp GT500 Swapped COP CAR! 5

We were out at Holley Performance's and NMRA's Ford Fest in Bowling Green, KY and caught up with Vaughn Gittin Jr. and his team. Vaughn and Chelsea ripped project neighbor and it was SO FREAKING FUN!

Here's some of the items we got off of Summit Racing:

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💬 Comments on the video

This event needs more James walking around with nitrous bottels asking who wants a bump.

Author — Jose Gutierrez


THIS IS AMAZING! Can't Wait to Put Angle on Ole Neighbor!

Author — Taylor Ray


Alright, let's be honest, who elese didn't noticed that video was 40 minutes?

Author — Saulius Plunksnys


"What a fine machine you built" that must be awesome to hear from a professional driver

Author — Johnny Turbo


I love how it went from them being super professional drift kings, to just a bunch of bros hanging out and doin it for dale. Hell yeah brother.

Author — That Guy


The only logical name for the new crown vic is "Chief"

Author — Ryan Williams


Cleetus: "I like how you wore an LS Fest hat. You do that on purpose? "

Coop: "Yup."

Author — orion681


"Well prices on crown vic's just went up on the ol'interwebs."

Author — 808slammedtahoe


I like how the crown vic owner said "it's like driving a big couch"🛋 😆

Author — Sebastien L.


“NO MID ENGINE CORVETTES” ..”WE WANT STICK SHIFT IN THE C8” .we should go get signs. Lol I’m rollin

Author — Ryan M


It's been a long while since I've smiled for 40 minutes straight

Author — Cam Ginobili


"Sometimes you need to risk it for the biscuit...."

That needs to be on a t-shirt!!

Author — Taz _bb2


I can’t even imagine what kinda of experience this was for him. He isn’t even a ford guy but looks like he had the most fun ever recorded on his channel. I know I would be smiling ear to ear the entire time

Author — boss302whr


neighbor is/has always been my favorite of the fleet. who wouldn't love a rowdy stick shift crown vic?

Author — Raymond Dunn


Cleetus needs to invite Vaughn to go for a Seven Second Ride in Leroy now.

Also, the more we see Neighbor getting thrashed, the more respect for how good Ford's last full size chassis was.

Author — PiDsMedia


"this is the only crown Vic here and also the fastest crown Vic here"

Author — Ziiyla


You should make Chief "Chief Rip & Grip" an autocross crown vic

Author — kergee 6996


Lets give "DomesticAlex" some views on YouTube.

Author — 1 Proud American


Neighbor, bringing smiles one drive at a time.
R.I.P. Edd, you'll never be forgotten.

Author — captain could've


I was really hoping someone would drift it behind Vaughn with the lights on.

Also cletus you need to tighten that suspension up with coilovers.

Author — Domenic Muscolo