The Malden Islands War - Every Day (Arma: CWA/Operation Flashpoint: CWC) - old

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The Malden Islands War - Every Day (Arma: CWA/Operation Flashpoint: CWC) - old 5

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*I haven't seen the video of such a type. Great job*

Author — Operation Flashpoint Русский канал


Really good job :) Flashpoint is the classic old fictional Cold War story where Nato forces first take hell of a beating, unprepared against much larger force, only to turn things around at the critical final of what also happened in World in Conflict :D. any chance of doing similar vid about the conflict on Nogova island of Resistance campaign?

Author — Balnazzardi


Any game that goes into this much military analyst detail is a very special one indeed.

Author — Isen gard


Childhood <3 just downloaded this game after so many years, and realized it has aged like fine whine. Thanks for the mapping. One of the most epic campaigns in all of gaming history.

Author — Heikki Sallinen


Great work. There is actually one thing off with this. Kolgujev was not taken over by NATO, the whole purpose of the attack was to arrest Guba before official soviet government forces do. They withdrew afterwards. Other than that, spot on!

Author — armedONE45


Are the islands really that close to each other? I thought Malden was further south than the others?

Author — brok2


It's great video, thanks for this. But don't forget in mission: "Montignac must fall" - Black squad says: "DF25 is under heavy fire from the sea". DF25 is a small territory of US army in northen Everon. I think Meaux village is there.

Author — Hoods_CZ


is it possible to do sahrani island from when the SLA invades the south

Author — starbattle008


Awesome video for a very special game.

Author — uRRu Games


If the islands were that close they should've just added all three islands to Arma 3

Author — sgtdanny69148


I like how the invasions of each island took a good amount of time between when one had fallen or was secured, implying that time was needed to plan and organize them (as, of course, they would).

I say that thinking if this was a Call of Duty game, the whole game would happen in a week.

Author — Screeching Possum


You got like from me, but music should be from flashpoint

Author — Crazy GamerSK


The Resistance camp in the castle was overrun in Unfinished Business mission.

Author — HarderInc


Im justy playing RED HAMMER DLC and there is not first invasion of everon. only atempt which fails and right after follows soviet invasion. I guess thatDLC interpreteded the story bit on their own.

Author — Jiří Dušek