Belize City -- See Belize City in 6 minutes

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Belize City -- See Belize City in 6 minutes 5

Belize City, Belize was first settled by English settlers who called them selves Baymen. They imported slaves from Jamaica and Bermuda, but after Mohogony was discovered in Belize the English pirates traded in Piracy for the logwood business...

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That house at 1:49 minutes on this video, very nice. Belize making progress. Very nice.

Author — Richard Burns


Love the band at baggage claim. We will be in Belize City in 3 days! Thanks for the introduction.

Author — Kim and Way


Thank you guys for posting this video, I am enjoying it, all the way from Chicago, I’ll USA.

Author — Shaun Lowekey45


Great aerial shots thank you for this informative video

Author — Miz Akita