Coronavirus Pandemic Update 80: COVID-19 Retractions & Data (Hydroxychloroquine, ACE Inhibitors)

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Coronavirus Pandemic Update 80: COVID-19 Retractions & Data (Hydroxychloroquine, ACE Inhibitors) 5

The retracted COVID 19 studies primarily focused on the efficacy and associated mortality of the medications hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, ace-inhibitors, and angiotensin receptor blockers, and relied on data from a small company called Surgisphere. The Guardian first reported about and error in the Surgisphere data set which has served to undermine the validity of these studies for many including most of the authors of the studies themselves (This video was recorded June 5, 2020).

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Speaker: Roger Seheult, MD
Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine.
Associate Professor at the University of California, Riverside School of Medicine

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Author — MedCram - Medical Lectures Explained CLEARLY


Fraudulent and politically weaponized science in the middle of a pandemic emergency is beyond disgraceful

Author — TheKrish09


This yet one more example of why YouTube has no business censoring videos that are not violating the law. This country is based on open access to information. Shame on YouTube for thinking they are our betters and need to control what information we can access.

Author — Felicia B


Hey YouTube, don’t take down this video

Author — Delta Assault


Crime against humanity. Hold them accountable

Author — Russ.Castella


The scope of this fraud is truly shocking.

Author — haze1123


Excellently presented with the usual admirable clarity that avoids the absurd political clickbait around the story by laying out the facts. Thank you as always.

Author — GOLEMUK


It's been over three months debating the safety and efficacy of HCQ. I would not trust the WHO to give the final word. Follow the money.

Author — Ed


They are throwing everything at HCQ, fraudulent studies, bias media coverage, restricted outpatient prescriptions and doctors touting how dangerous the drug is when most never even prescribe it before. Even deleting MedCram videos which is in my opinion, truly unbias!

Author — SuperDexteroo


My partner, a system's annalist, use to have a T-shirt that said "If all else fails... manipulate the data"

Author — Cowboy Frank's Personal Videos


I dont think I have ever heard him so fired up! He maintains his professional composure. I would not be so nice if I were in his shoes!

Author — Sal Livreri


How corrupt is the medical world ?
And how gullible is the media ?
We on this channel know the answers !
Big Thank You to Dr. Seheult and his partners.

Author — Andy Spark


Thanks for reporting this, however depressing it might be. "Follow the money" might be at play here. When this virus began spreading, some knew enough about the drug industry to know which companies were best positioned to develop effective, patentable, and lucrative new drugs. If they invested in those companies, they had reason not to want an inexpensive and readily available older drug like Hydroxychoroquine to prove effective. Bogus or ill-designed research could confuse the market long enough for large profits to be made. The best way to do that might be to not do the research yourself but to pollute the stream of data that researchers use. That might explain what happened here.

Author — Michael W. Perry


betting we're not going to be seeing a lot about this on the news, because so many media outlets were so vehement with their reporting.
they're going to have a lot of explaining to do.

Author — Ian4tv


The damage has been done, precious time has been lost all thanks to politics. The media latched on to this now retracted data just to play a smear campaign. Thank you Med Cram for being experts I can still believe in....even if youtube and the WHO think otherwise.

Author — Booozy3050


Faking medical study's, is medical terrorism

Author — Carl Schier


Surgisphere is just some "front" - so killing it wouldn't do squat in preventing this kind of garbage - you have to go higher upstream and hold those people accountable.

Author — Bob Thrasher


Surgisphere's refusal I take as admission of guilt. There needs to be an investigation and there absolutely must be a reckoning, or this will continue at the expense of people's lives. EDIT : autocorrect mistake

Author — Stusstrupp


This is very sad, how many people may have died because of this BS... Trust is easily lost but hard to regain..

Author — Mark LeBlanc


Dr.Been was also fired up the last couple of days about this. MedCram is not alone in their concern over this HUGE mistake.

Juicy episode indeed. Great work.

Author — RonnieD1970