Barbados Travel Protocols 2020

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Barbados Travel Protocols 2020 5

Issue Date - September 2020

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Congratulations on your reopening! We have visited Barbados several times and have enjoyed Bridgetown, Harrison's Cave and swimming with sea turtles. We're excited about coming back again.

Author — Caribbean Travel Guide


Thank you so much for the updates on your beautiful island 🇺🇸

Author — Roxanne Marshall


Thank you for the upload. We'll be coming to your island in December.

Author — Dr. Tselane


You need a Covid test before entering Barbados? So long Barbados, I planned to go there, but I am not sticking anything up my nose and have my DNA sent to China.

Author — David Johnson


Thanks for the double speak. Many contradictory protocols that the public have to endure at their expense. These restrictions are going to collapse the Barbados economy (tourism) over a disease that effects literally 1% of a particular group of the population. The restrictions are an act of self harm. Why would any pay £900 for a holiday- flight, £200 for a PCR test for the privilege on being quarantined on holiday for two weeks!! I know your hand are tied particularly WHO.

Author — sophia jones


Can i travel to barbados from Philippines without visa!? I saw, it's on the list of visa free.



see you in late January, Barbados, for another glorious 6 weeks !!

Author — Michael Beerbados


Please clarify for my education. I'd like to go to Barbados next month(January). I have to get tested 72hrs prior to going to Barbados, then another test on arrival there right? How long will i have to quarantine, should I be negative?

Author — Wesley Licorish


Might i suggest deleting this video as it contradicts current protocols?

Author — Will George


What if you are transiting to Barbados and not entering border control.Do we need PCR COVID test as well?

Author — Wilfredo Garin


How USA ends up at the bottom of high risk country list says it all. And how did China become a "low risk country"?

Author — John E


This is already outdated . High risk country’s do not have to isolate for 7 days if they have a negative test before arrival.

Author — Shawn Gallacher


My nasal swab test came back negative but it doesn't mention it was nasal swab test will they accept it

Author — JAs


This video is the reason why I booked my trip... only to realise my entire holiday will be spent in quarantine as you are required to take ANOTHER test when you arrive and I cant get a refund or amendment on my trip without losing money! I only booked to spend 5 days out there for my birthday. Now my birthday is ruined. Delete this video!

Author — NicoleTheAlchemist


Why is China low risk and Canada is medium risk?

Author — Carolyn Menage