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Today we visited the underground river which is one of the most famous attractions in Palawan. However, when we got there, the amount of tourists and travellers ultimately ruined the experience for us.

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I've done similar trips in the Philippines but at small limestone islands using kayaks.  The kayak trips were awesome.  That river trip would be a nightmare for me.

Author — CampingCarJoa


i find it weird when travel vloggers complain about how touristy a place is and then encourage people to go travel.haha
Those tourist must've gotten the idea to travel from, well, travel vloggers. :D

Author — ephflores


The 1st world millenial backpacker. I need and I demand a unique experience in one of the most touristic places in the Philippines..and I feel the need to film myself about it to portray myself how interesting I am.

Author — BLOFELD Videocracy


Yeah, well, they say travel broadens the mind. It's amazing when you get out into the world and realise it's not all about you. What you do with that realisation is another thing, of course.

Author — Citizen of Nowhere


You visited one of the UNESCO New 7 wonders of nature, and were upset because other people visited too?

"They knew I was a vlogger. I wanted to sit up front but they made me sit right at the back."

Have yourself a great big helping of Get Over Yourself!

Author — Chris Whewell


I am so glad that you put this out there. The only thing I read about is how incredible this place is and how you simply cannot be in Palawan and not visit it... I was considering bending over backwards to make this tour happen, spending at least three days in transit (domestically in Philippines only) just to do it. Thank you for being honest about your personal experience!!

Author — Stella Jiang


I got super stressed watching this. Wow! Tourist getting stressed with seeing tourists is always so interesting.

Author — Flordeliza Pesigan


Hey, at least you've experienced the whole situation when it comes to tourists. The problem is, you've visited Palawan during its peak season. I suggest the next time you return back make sure it's between November and January. Yes I know the whole thing about school and work holidays. But it's at least difficult for locals from the mainland (Luzon) to actually reach Palawan.

Author — Jan Eli Nicoli Jardin


It's summer in the Philippines. That's why there are so many local tourists everywhere

Author — Mini M


Oh man. :( it makes me so sad to see such beautiful places such as these being run over by tourism and slowly (or quickly) becoming unsustainable.

Author — Haylie


I can totally relate to this video. Just got back from Yellowstone National Park a few weeks ago. My son and I struggled to have a good time. It was so crowded it was unreal. About 1/3 - 1/2 of the tourists are Chinese. I really like Chinese people... love their food and architecture- but we were happy to leave. The park just wasn't designed to handle this volume of visitors. One of the Park Rangers told me it's much worse in July and August. I can't even imagine....

Author — Luis Ranzolin


Thanks that u still liked and enjoyed the underground river despite your disappointment caused by the huge number of tourists that day and the remote location of the place. About the distance, it's given. Jewels cant be found on the city streets so this wonder who situated itself in a remote place. Since it's far away, travelling hardship is given, we all understand that. Come back again and explore more of Palawan!

Author — Palawan Rising


I do agree with you, I am Pinoy and I've been There twice, and every time I do feel a lot of disappointment because of the sheer number of people going there at the same time.I understand the need for striking it while it's hot but I think the tourism office should also be able to see that it's also the experience as a whole which makes the place mysterious and magical. There has got to be a system of crowd control in that spot or at least something else to do for people who are waiting a long, long time! Maybe, a forest walk though the nearby forest featuring and emphasizing on the local wildlife and on conservation BEFORE they enter the river?

Author — Deo Panganiban


omg I loved those caves my goodness it was amazing to see :o I plan to go there again soon

Author — Brian Michaluk


For heaven's sake! it is a tourist place. We used to travel a lot as tourists and most of the time we waited everywhere we go. And we did not see anything wrong with it because we see it as part of being a tourist. Relax....

Author — Julie Sidon Stevens


I went 7 years ago so there is that ... but, I also stayed at Sabang on the beach right near the river. There are three advantages. One, you can go earlier in the day before all the day tourists who have to drive from Puerto Princessa show up - we were finished our tour and back on the dock at 10 am.

Two, you can also take the mangrove tour which was well worth the time.

Three, after 4pm all the day tourists head back for the long drive to Puerto Princessa and you have that beach all to yourself, just you, a few others and the locals. You can spend some time, see the local farm, buy some fresh bananas in the village.

Author — Chris Rasmussen


I went there in September 2006 it was a very different experience. There were tourists but nothing like what I am hearing in the video. I think the tour operators finally got the opportunity to maximize so they squeeze in as many tourists as they can. But to their credit they are very safety conscious. Philippines is notorious for boats sinking with many people but you don't really hear that when it comes to the tourist boats. Compare that with a tour I took to Coral Island in Thailand off Pattaya I really had to say my prayers because the small feeder boat was so packed it nearly capsized then the big boat to get on it from the feeder boat was kind of precarious walking on a board, imagine having weakness in the knees when crossing that board. Thailand gets a lot of tourism. It's high time the Philippines gets theirs. The only negative was that the tour guide told us that the beach where we took the boat to get to the island there are people there who hang around and will steal your stuff if you go swimming. So we couldn't just leave our stuff. Other than that I don't hear you complain about the cave and river adventure itself so maybe you complain too much. At least they kept you safe from drowning by providing life jackets and at the end of the day you're alive.

Author — Wayne Samuel


Oh, sorry to hear about your experience, becoz it's still peak season, if you visited near end of the year there would be less tourist. If you want isolated islands, I hope El-Nido would be a good experience next and you can stay in one of the islands.

Author — Clark Kal-El


Thank you for your info. I am going there to Palawan next month January 2020 so I probably may not go to those caves. My trip to Oslob snorkeling with the whales was the same way, kind of rushed.

Author — Getting Smart


Hi! you should watch Christian's Travel Vlog to the Philippines. The places he usually goes to doesn't have that amount of tourists. You guys should also try going to Batanes :)

Author — Sushi Platter