Jean Rondeau records Rameau's Les Sauvages

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  • ℹ️ Published 7 years ago

'Vertigo': album out February 2016.
France’s leading young harpsichordist performs works by two masters of the French Baroque. No surprises there, perhaps … but the harpsichordist in question is Jean Rondeau and the album is called Vertigo. It conceives the harpsichord in vividly theatrical terms. Vertigo takes its name from a dramatic, rhapsodic piece by Joseph-Nicolas-Pancrace Royer, who, along with Jean-Philippe Rameau, forms the focus of this album (recorded in the sumptuous Château d'Assas on its magnificent harpsichord).


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C’est magnifique et l’instrument est aussi très beau ! Quelqu’un aurait des infos sur ce clavecin ? Je suppose qu’il est d’époque et d’après les touches, d’un facteur français ?

Author — Bloody Cinnamon


When you have to record Rameau at 9 but have Yoga at 10

Author — Ginga Tetsudō Surī Nain


Can’t believe how French he is.
Love the performance.
Greetings from Germany.

Author — Giovega21


that ornamentation, so fluid.
Excellence. Well done Rondeau.

Author — Christopher Matthew


This boy was born for playing the cembalo. In my opinion the best harpsichordist.

Author — astore


A barefoot young man with wild hair totally into his music making-perhaps this would bring a smile to Mousier Rameau's face. He was known for not dressing very well and being totally focused on Music.

Author — doylestownstew


Une pièce magnifique ; un interprète exceptionnel ; un instrument merveilleux ; une excellente prise de son...

Author — Francis CATALANO


So young, so beautiful, so charming, so talented---Rondeau is a national treasure!

Author — rd3ster


Being barefoot while playing this particular piece is just paying tribute to the piece's title. Amazing brilliant performance!

Author — wolkowy1


Listening to this while it thunders and rains outside is AWESOME!

Author — Bex


Fun fact: Rameau was originally inspired to write this after listing to Native Americans from the Illini confederation perform at the Theatre-Italien in paris.

Author — A Heinz


Son et interprétation magnifiques. Cet instrument possède une "âme" et ce morceau transporte littéralement...

Author — strato Unchain


Si solo me dejan elegir un solo instrumento favorito, sin dudas elegiría el clavecin, su sonido es tan hermoso que me da una nostálgia de antaño, a veces pongo una lista de este maravilloso instrumento para dormir



Quelle merveille! La musique, le clavecin, l’exécution, la personne!

Author — urolmaas1


Beautiful music, beautiful venue, beautiful performance and beautiful performer. C’est tres magnifique!

Author — Vallie MacKrell


Jean Rondeau es un gran virtuoso que ejecuta e interpreta con pasión. Me fascina. 💗

Author — aldonza55


Jean Rondeau should be declared a French National Treasure!

Author — rd3ster


Magnifiques ornements! Merci à Jean Rondeau d'exister et de redonner vie chaque jour à ces si belles partitions.

Author — ̓Αρχὴ ἥμισυ παντός


Very well played! I love your interpretation.

Author — violatione


🤯 как ты хорошо играешь на этом клавесине.?!!👍👍👍👍👍(◕‿◕✿)

Author — Лина Волкова