Nioh 2 Has Over 100 Hours of Gameplay + E3 2020 Officially Cancelled

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00:59 - Nioh 2 Length

04:15 - E3 2020 Canceled + WB Games

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Tough its the obvious and smart choice, not having an e3 at all is sad. I hope they end up revealing what they had planned on the web.

Author — Bruno G


To be honest I found E3 to be pretty pointless in recent years. Most of the stuff that shows up has either been already announced prior to the event or stuff newly announced at E3 half the time end up being trash after the E3 hype when it actually releases. So seeya won't miss ya.

Author — Gaspar Heredia


E3 was a dead format.. Hopefully it leads into something better

Author — Terrance Foreman


Hoping we get some game presentations then like Nintendo has been doing.

Author — swishpronoob


Imagine cancelling a major even because of a glorified flu vs the fact none of the major companies planned on showing up to begin with.

Author — RejectedMind -


is going viral We need Sam Porter Bridges to keep the world connected.

Author — jadewraith


Yup, I’m just here waiting for amazon to deliver my copy of Nioh 2.

Author — Prince Groove


E3 being cancelled is irrelevant. E3 time has passed anyway.

Author — Raul Rojas


6:19 When did this take place in the game?

Author — BrownBat's Disney Infinity Archive


100 hours if you haven’t beat nioh? Oh please I beat sekiro in about 25 to 30 hours and what does nioh 2 have on sekiro

Author — Filtiarin


Im contemplating calling out sick for friday just to play nioh 2 all day.... can’t wait !!!

Author — Hugo STAKS 7


I don’t like Nioh because there are bosses that can insta kill.

Author — The Invisible GrillMan


PC news From Sony, but no PS5 lol WOW!. I like how they're testing fan's patience but that's not gonna end well for them if they keep testing us.

Author — Aizen Sousuke


Nioh 2 is not downloading for me, i have checked the PSN store and it just says playable in 18 hours

Author — Ghost656 Metal


I mean the virus is spreading fast....too fast I mean some schools is my area got closed because of it.

Author — ItzFlaco


Don’t go outside in case u catch Coronavirus Just stay inside and game

Author — ross lloyd


He said Myspace. Lol. Who still uses it???

Author — Matthew DeLima


AYEEE ANOTHER GREAT VIDEO WITH NO SHIT YAKUZA IN IT (Even tho this video tells us about E3 being cancelled SUCKS, but it's still a good video with no Shit YAKUZA in it) Good job! @GameCross

Author — Noah Santoss