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Ross Kemp in Afghanistan: Ross Deploys to Afghanistan | Ross Kemp Extreme World 5

With training complete, Ross Kemp deploys to Afghanistan to catch up with the Royal Anglians who are already in theatre. Whilst there, The 1st Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment heads to the front line in Afghanistan where Ross Kemp discovers the truth about war in one of the world's most dangerous and volatile regions.

Ross Kemp journeys to Britains front line in Afghanistan with his BAFTA winning documentary team to experience first hand the British Army's attempts at bringing peace to one of the worlds most dangerous war zones and to witness the Army's attempts at bringing about a sea change in this hugely volatile region. The series chronicles the experiences of British soldiers as they adapt to life in a hostile environment, battle against a fanatical enemy; the Taliban, and attempt to win the hearts and minds of the local population. Ross also meets soldiers families in the UK to see how they cope when their loved ones are away as well as meeting the families of soldiers who didn't make it home alive.

Ross Kemp Extreme World is the home of your favourite Ross Kemp series, including Ross Kemp On Pirates, Ross Kemp On Gangs, Ross Kemp In Afghanistan and Ross Kemp On The Frontline, as well as some of the most hard-hitting, jaw-dropping interviews and scenes.

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Ross Kemp is cool, but remember the guy who goes through all that sh*t while making sure the camera is pointed toward the action

Автор — Christian B.


This is more than a decade old. We need new documentaries about Afghanistan filmed in 2019

Автор — Inayet Hadi


Did anyone notice he hasn't posted in 8 months? Hope he's ok.

Автор — Cryptic Neon


if you say ross is amazing.. imagine the camera guy doing everything he does... but with a camera lol

Автор — Konosch


R.I.P Corporal Darren of A Company. R.I.P Corporal Darren

Автор — Strat TheGamer


Nobody thanks reporters. They risk their lives to bring news back to us ( who just sit there)... Much respect for soldiers and you.

Автор — Deathcookbook


For everyone wondering, this was filmed in 2007

Автор — Sam Leeps


It's wild to think about how intermingled politics, religion, and war are.
Can fire out of a mosque, but can't fire into one.

Автор — Jeremy Owens


I just finished binge-watching every single video on your channel and you came out with a new one right as a finished my last one 🙌

Автор — __


This is some really insanely good content man. Crazy what our soldiers go through in this daily fight for freedom. Thank you for risking your neck for our education and entertainment. God bless

Автор — Suhwateeze A.


I believe that among the good ones, Ross is currently the best war reporter in the world. No doubt at all!

Автор — bikunbikun


Bullets flying and explosions “can you record me” 😂😂

Автор — Luke Adook


Me binge watching this series on lockdown wondering if his still alive

Автор — Justin seah


You are the best greetings from Germany North Berlin ✌

Автор — Gurken Rick


Makes video in Afghanistan

*Dose not post on YouTube for 8 months*

Автор — Soup Time


This is what I call journalism big thumps up for Ross and his Cameraman!!!

Автор — Peter Rose


After watching a lot of Ross films about Afghan war, I relaized that this one is THE first one he made. You can see how nervous he is

Автор — Никита Отдельнов


British army are smart gangsters. There tooo quick when mandem wanna chat

Автор — dante siru


25:50 " haha theyre getting closer" this guy just laughs in the middle of live bullets😂😂😂so braaaave!

Автор — Kelvin Carter


You should have more than a million subscribers
What you are doing is absolutely bravery
People should know the condition of Afghanistan and you are risking your own life to show us thepicture of war. Hats off to you
And also huge respect to the Royal Marines.

Автор — snehasish sarkar