Pure Freestyle Calisthenics - FIBO 2018 | Daniels Laizans

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Pure Freestyle Calisthenics - FIBO 2018 | Daniels Laizans 5

Huge shoutout to one of the best if not the best competition setups by @barzflex_workoutparks I swear to God it felt just so amazing when there finally was a competition with a wide single bar at perfect height, perfectly stabilized without any shakiness and without any unnecessary bars around so you can feel free whenever swinging or doing giants and stuff. I am tall and heavy and this is such a bug deal for me, because very often I can't do even do 3/4 of what I've planned just because of the setup, whether it's too shaky or there's just not enough space because of the bars around. Fuck a square type setup. It's 2018 and none of the top athletes does these silly transfers from bar to bar. A perfect single bar based setup right here by @barzflex_workoutparks BIG SHOUTOUT!


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0:57 despacito? Porque? Que hemos hecho mal🤨

Author — Francisco Javier García


This is getting really close to.. gymnastics..

Author — Ruben Decampo


algún seguidor de daniels habla español :v?

Author — juan sebastian sanchez


Laizans destroyed his competitors, respect to all of them, but man this was Laizans game

Author — Adam Molotsjajev


El enano perdió por la canción que puso xD

Author — Allan Baal


3:19 bro that doesnt work in europe. We cheer when we want to cheer. Its not like America where everyone cheers like sheep when one person makes noise

Author — Josh McNulty


i was randomly watching daniels old competitions and i see a notification and it's his video, best feeling ever

Author — Dragon Nixon


You are really amazing!
Because you should be tired

Author — Falcon Workout


Not fair he goes back to back without rest...still a beast!!

Author — Adrian Ryner II


11:25 wtf how he did it so smooth and easy lol

Author — Πέτρος Μαρκόπουλος


i felt like i was the only guy who gave him applause while his first round. By the way i am the dude standing in the middle of the crowed with a black Shirt (2:00).
I think a lot of people that watched the competiton did Not have any idea what calisthenics is

Author — JannisSW


He had a routine for each competitor. True beast. Congrats on the win. You have a new subscriber.

Author — MadeByGod1973


6:08 just look at people’s reaction 😂🔥🔥🔥

Author — Макс Цой


Despacito on freestyle JAJAJAJAJAJAJA😅

Author — debora meltrozo


Как ты научился отключать гравитацию ?))

Author — фф фф


Who crush on this guy when see him first time... i've :p

Author — The RoyalClimax


im watching opponents competing, and am i the only one that thinks Daniels combinatios are much more smoother than the others ? like those guys are too hyped up...

Author — Olegas Kov


The winner was obvious your form was good from the start till the end and your every opponent did not do a proper/good form planche.
This is wasn't even a competition for you.

Author — Over 9000


Hey Daniels do some tutorials on v sit frontlever and dynamics if possible like the spanish one

Author — Thanasis Thomas


Yeaaaa, This man is my motivation for this summer!!! I understand that if u want u can reach everything u want!

Author — Дима Королёв