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In His experience in Paris Howard Storm encounters Hell, and the Person of Jesus and was sent back with an incredible testimony to tell us all.

Authentic Christianity is dedicated to the advancement of the Gospel around the globe. enjoy as you listen.

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money is god on earth and people think if they are rich in this life, they are untouchable...they don't need anyone. I went to school with a girl and have known her and her family for many years, they are all very rich... all stick together because money is the glue that keeps them together... my partner who was ill at the time and eventually had to go into care... well at the time, we were on the verge of being homeless and she wouldn't help, she got offended that she should help me... they are Godless of course, money is their god... they will be in for a rude shock. This also applies to my 3 siblings and their partners, they all have money and made me the scape goat... all enjoying the thought that I might soon be homeless... I hope they enjoy their money in hell... BUT... Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior swooped in at the last minute and saved me from being homeless... My partner has gone into care... I still have a few worries, my health, my partner, money... life on earth... but I know God/Jesus/Holy Ghost/Spirit is on my side and I choose them... thank you and amen.

Author — thetheraine