Mitakon 35mm f/0.95 Mark 'ii' lens review with samples

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So this is the first ever Mitakon lens I've tested, and also the fastest aperture lens I've ever reviewed. f/0.95!!! This is a very fun and useful piece of kit. But can its image quality keep up with its fantastically wide aperture?

Find it here (Amazon affiliate link) (Be sure to get the right lens for your camera system):

A few important things to note. This lens is only for mirrorless cameras, and it covers APS-C sensors - so it's ideal for Fuji X, Sony E, and Canon EOS M.

Equipment I use to make my videos (Amazon affiliate links):

All pictures and footage shot by me on Fuji X-T10 and X-T2 cameras.

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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this guy should get sponsored, he really makes a good review, im looking forward to other brand lens review he will possibly make, and his personal opinion them,

Author — Megurin88


This lens looks so fantastic! I'm really looking forward to getting it for my standart shooting and also for professional work.

Author — Narek Avetisyan


This is one of the most worthwhile lens one seen in your reviews. Definitely going to get one

Author — Ishan Ghimire


I'd love to see a review from YOU of the XT-2 Chris!

Author — Steven Lawrence


You make excellent reviews, I have been following you for years now. I'm glad you joined the Fuji X-T2 family! Welcome!

You've convinced me to buy this beautiful lens. Thank you.

Author —


Great review. I bought one of these for my Canon M3 about a month ago. I agree with all your points. Overall I love this lens.

Author — smahatma


Good timing, as I'm considering this for my G7. Thank you! I always look forward to your reviews.

Author — Carl S.


Very nice review, I'm the happy owner of this great lens and even though it's not for everyone being aware of it's limitations and using it as the specialty piece of hardware it really is will yield excellent results!

Author — Manolo Presas


6:50 the composition of the picture is amazing!!! Most enjoyable lenses reviews are on your channel .

Author — HASAN R


The detail and contrast is phenomenal at f/0.95, wow!

Author — Jeremy


Yeah ~ another lens video from Chris! Thank you : )

Author — Andy Yoon


Hi, I love your videos so much! Hope to see more lens reviews on Fuji system.

Author — Hoo Shiau Pun


Fantastic review! Your review methods are great! I just got this lens and, unfortunately, I find the lens flaring to be insanely high and unusable. That being said, it is great for indoor, low-light, and overcast settings. It renders images with a pleasing artistic quality - just be careful when taking photos with bright lights/sun in the background.

Author — Andrew Zander


I've just found the review I was looking for. Thanks!

Author — César 老师


I wish there were two versions, one with a clicky aperture ring and one with the smooth ring. I'm used to shooting stills and using a de-clicked aperture ring, but I would really like a clicky one.

Author — Gabriel Dalcomune


Gorgeous lens, I hope they do similar updates to the already excellent 25mm 0.95 for m43 mount. And while we are wishing for things, a dedicated lens hood would be nice. But kudos to Zhong Yi optics for the Speedmaster series. I don't have to dream f/0.95 lenses anymore.

Author — Markus Arike


Definitely buying this for my Fuji x-a1. Thank you Christopher!

Author — Gaston Seijas


this lens is awesome...i'll sure add it to my shopping list this year

Author — Minabai Seibofa


Even wide open it’s VERY sharp. Good enough for magazines & cropping in you won’t be sad about

Author — finallyanime


I've got the 17mm version of this and love it. Never done full manual Control before, but its an completely own experience and a lot of fun with this Lenses... for Photo and Video!

Author — Crisp