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We are giving away a brand new 2022 Hoyt RX-7 Bow, one dozen Easton FMJ arrows and a Tethrd Saddle system. To enter, simply text "HOYTRX7" to the number 75987.

No purchase necessary - promotion is open from today, 12/8/21 - Sunday 12/12/21.
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Good morning everyone! It's always exciting when Hoyt launches their new bow lineup each year. 2022 brings an all new carbon RX-7 and an upgraded and improved Ventum Pro. Our great friends at Wilde Arrow Archery help us introduce these two new bows that just hit the market.

To celebrate, we are giving away a brand new RX-7 bow, one dozen Easton FMJ 4mm 340 spine arrows and a Tethrd tree saddle system just like the one Eric used to get his Utah archery bull on BSY4, a prize package around $2, 000. No purchase necessary to enter. Must be 18 years old and a US resident.

Simply text the word "HOYTRX7" to the number75987 to enter. Promotion runs 12/8/21 - 12/12/21 with the winner being announced the following week. If you are already a part of our Text Group you are automatically entered.

Enjoy the video and good luck!

Author — Hushin


I've never been a "gotta buy this year's bow!" guy. I got into bow hunting in 2008 and still have the same bow. I restring it when necessary and it has never failed me. Bows are expensive! Use what works 😎

Author — Nates PNW Adventures


One of my fav YouTube channels!!!! Thx y’all for the excitement you bring to all of us hunters!!!

Author — Greg Maier


I gotta say that might be my favorite looking carbon bow yet! Never shot one but looks great

Author — melvin sacromentoe


Thanks for your dedication you guys are awesome Hunters I only hope to be as good at filling tags as you guys.

Author — Elkfan Fanatic


As someone who just got their first bow on black Friday this would definitely be a awesome upgrade from a $300 special. The only reason why I got a bow is because of the elk hunt videos on here.



You guys are killing it the hush guys have always had quality content but I swear this year it has been on point. Nice work guys!

Author — Reaper


Nice work boys getting this video dropped so quick.. loving the hunts this year so far.

Author — J.T.D TV


Wild Arrow is second to none! Well done gents!

Author — Calvin Oakes


Looking into getting one of these! I have a Stevens inception from several years ago, I think it's time for an upgrade

Author — Spartan


That is a sweet bow! Would love to win it!

Author — Folk’s Fishing N Idaho


Great video! Can't wait to get one of these new bows (hopefully)!

Author — Jack Harrison


Super pumped for these new Hoyt bows!!

Author — Shawn Price


Man I would love to win that bow! Mine is old and really beat up! Hoping to get that call soon saying I won!

Author — Stahle Outdoors


Man winning this bundle would be so amazing.

Author — Lewis DuBois


I own a Ventum. I'll tell you now the difference in these new bows is so minimal it's crazy to think the prices are that high. All marketing to make that money.

Author — Go blue


Thanks guys as always only the best from y’all.

Author — Sean Speers


Sure would be a nice, early Christmas present!!! Looks awesome, either one!!!

Author — Natalie Gorden


Would love to win the Bow for my oldest son!

Author — Living a Dream Life


Winning this would be the only way for to own this! Pretty sure this bow is 1, 500 bare bow at my local shop

Author — Rowdy Broomstick