0 Support F2P Liliya vs Doom: 30346

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This week's lineup: HoTV, Doom, DXY. I think the max score can reach close to 31k with slightly better gear and execution!

Ideally low budget players will run DK/YA + NS on DXY, so if you don't have a good KMB the best option will be Liliya!

BGM: HIBANA - Tenjin Kotone cover

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How long have you been using liliya for. Those timings are golden

Author — Mi ng


Lily is a beast, before I obtained the HoR she was my fav valkyrie, she can obtain really good results with too little, sadly I don't have enough good gear to imitated this strategy yet, but I knew from the begining that Lily is really powerful.

Author — animeturn


Props to you my man, using DXY Sword's active to delay Doom's self-destruct long enough to gather and trigger EX Retaliate is ingenious as hell.

Author — Zero Regrets


Amazing skills man, but too amazing the whales are going to ban you.

Author — Yumei - BlackStar556


that's the most amazing f2p fight I have ever seen

sadly my liliya is only SS

Author — KA Hiew


Notice how even though keebster may seem like such a master at this game, they always just spam the attack button like everyone else.

Author — JVSilvaЯ


just tried this with the exact same gear (yes i have 5 stars dxy sword) and got 27k -_- I cant seem to make the first stage doom stay like that. she kept moving.

Author — flicker031


I've tried this before without dxy sword and get 28k no support 😄 but from this video i learned new pattern thanks 😘

Author — DBC 118 012 - STEVEN I.P.P


Thank you for this! I had to lock HoR to HoV, and I was struggling with Doom on SS with RI and forgot I had Liliya (almost used her with DXY). Will try this tomorrow and see if I can beat doom on SS now.
Edit: wait do I need DXY sword? I got SS chariot. But my Lili's blade is blue dawn.

Author — NickDrawsChicks


I just found your channel, and I've regained hope. Memorial was always something I would do only for the daily rewards, but your guides are calling me to try and better my skills.I'm a noob but I'll do my best. You're a saviour dude, thanks a lot😭👌

Author — Ulora01


I have never thinks about this, damn. This is brilliant, Lililya ult works super good with Doom's piller

Author — John Smith


Thank you. Finally after I thought i can never beat bio bosses cuz i have shit mechas

Author — deppressed lad


It is very infuriating finding this video after I locked Liliya with DXY a few minutes ago.

Author — Oscar Perez


God damn man..
This is so brilliant <3

Author — Chicken Fighter - KFP QC


Nice! Didn't think the pillar can be so useful.

Author — valters


What buffs do the Kiana-bronya gift set have?

Author — T. Polys


nice strat! Your elf is so strong 76k dmg 0_o. what's the rank of your elf and whats her talent skill.

Author — Sui Slime


I got 29.6k using S liliya 700++ atk, shamash lvl 35. Guess it still hard to get 30k with such gear.

Author — Ravi Tegar


Doom is back and this lineup is back too

Author — Jean Lelouch de Blois


Your Really understanding the mechanics
Of liliya you have my respect

Author — A M