We're Still Weirded Out By Bam Margera's Marriage History

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We're Still Weirded Out By Bam Margera's Marriage History 4.5

Though Jackass star Bam Margera is happily married and raising a son, his romantic history hasn't always been so blissful. Here are some seriously strange things about the star's marriages.

In a January 2007 profile in The New York Times, Bam Margera and his then-fiancée, Missy Rothstein, painted a strange portrait of their relationship. Margera spoke of his fixation on partying and his unconventional approach to romance, saying,

"If it's Valentine's Day, I don't want her to expect flowers from me just because that's what you're supposed to do. My Valentine's Day is May 5th."

Meanwhile, Rothstein prided herself on being able to reign in her wild child beau, claiming that in spite of her love for his spontaneity, she's happy to help him pull back some of the time. As an example of Margera's impulsive nature, the couple relayed the story of how he proposed to her right in the Cartier store at a mall. Margera reportedly thought it was a good sign when he found a diamond sparkler that fit her finger, telling the paper,

"I was like, 'Now's the time.' We just sat there and drank three bottles of Champagne. Then we forgot to get gas on the way home, and we straight up ran out of gas on Route 202."

Paging Nicholas Sparks: We think we just found the beginning of your next epic love story right here. Keep watching to learn why We're Still Weirded Out By Bam Margera's Marriage History!

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First time I've noticed the resemblance between Bam and his dad Phil at the end of this video.

Author — Scrap & Pallet Man


Omg. Dunn has been gone 9 years already. That’s crazy. RIP my Brother

Author — King Eris


This dude is the perfect example of a person who shouldn’t have a child

Author — John Locatelli


Bam himself is very strange. I used to have the BIGGEST crush on him, but being with him must be a real pain in the butt. I do NOT envy the women in his life.

Author — D Anderson


His girlfriend looks rough. Missy seemed really nice though.



They drank 3 bottles of champagne and then drove and forgot to get gas...

Author — AlexandrW


I feel like Bam smells like booze, cigarettes and shame

Author — Monique A


He’s “happily married”. Ummm. Where? Neither respects the other and I worry for Bam’s child. Phoenix deserves better.

Author — Tieia Middleton


...the funs been had...time for a different stage of life...happens to us all..

Author — spikesification


His parents must be proud to have a 15 year old until he dies

Author — kids rock


Jeez man it's time to grow up. The wife needs to take that baby and move as far as she can from this whirlwind of frenetic chaos.

Author — generation X


Was his wives cloned I couldn't tell them apart

Author — dexron


I understand Bam’s far from a role model but damn can’t we just let the man live? Nobody is perfect. Alcoholism, Death of his best friend, failed marriages, media constantly ripping on him. Give the man a break.

Author — Simple Civilian


Just goes to show money and fame don't buy you happiness. He's miserable AF.

Author — Maverick


Dr Phil I need help, I'm desperate,
Everything's falling apart .... here's my conditions.. ... I can only be helped if I'm on camera, me me me me me me ... Idiot

Author — jonny the boy


Sadly no one can help him until he is ready to help himself. Leaving the rehab after 10 days is not helping himself.

Author — Josie Smoesie


Amazing to think at one point in life (twenty years ago) Bam was a hero of mine.

Author — Ice Ice Booey


Iggy Pop playing your wedding isn’t counter-culture it’s AWESOME!

Author — ckom0007


Way to kick a man while he is down guys.

Author — Dirty Rick Sanchez


Look I’m sure it was fun at first but really how could you live with someone who doesn’t give a shit doesn’t shower and punches his friends for fun lol

Author — Utah county Picazo's page