Anil Ambani: The Fall of a Billionaire

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Anil Ambani: The Fall of a Billionaire 5

Anil Ambani is no longer a billionaire. His net worth has slumped over the years and his group companies are in massive debts. But, things weren't always this bad for the brother of India's richest man Mukesh Ambani. Watch the video to find out more about the journey of a brother, a son and a businessman - Anil Ambani.

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💬 Comments on the video

He is much better than those shamless thiefs (Nirav Modi and Vijay Mallya), atleast he's selling his asset reserves to pay debts.

Author — Priyank saxena


But he did not run out of country, but instead paid the dues...😊👏

Author — Fathima


I dont even have 1M $ and yet I am feeling bad that he dropped to 500M $ !

Author — psychaddy


I respect the people who had commented on this video.They have changed my opinion about Anil Ambani.He is really a fighter .Amazing

Author — Mukul Kumar


I pray for his comeback, many people hate corporates unnecessarily, but they forget that it's the big businessmen who employ thousands and millions of people and if they are destroyed, millions of families are destroyed too. So our corporates should be more successful in order to create new jobs in the economy and for the overall prosperity of the nation.

Author — rajgoyal


He tried and he failed. Not everyone can be a Dhirubhai. Atleast hes repaying his debt unlike other businessmen.

Author — Sid Bakshi


U can never call it END of someone, remember Steve Jobs second innings at Apple?

Author — Suneel Pelluru


I am not an Indian but still I can understand one thing clearly- He didn't ran away.... tough guy

Author — WhenFallGuyTalks


He dropped from a billionaire to a millionaire 😵😵 still richer than 70% of us!

Author — Hemant Mamgai


Atleast he is paying his debt not like others who are just running away .he will bounce back

Author — Kshitij Dobriyal


He’s honest. He didn’t ran out of india like Malya and modi

Author — Rishi


Comment section "He did not run, he paid dues". Well my friends you can't run when you're a legacy with a last name "AMBANI", at last no matter what his brother stepped in.

Author — Vinit Joshi


No matter what, mark my words “he’ll fight back and come back with flying colours”

Author — Amarender Reddy


Anil is tougher to face any weather. Besides one doesn't need millions to survive in this world. 🤷‍♂️

Author — Secular Indian


There is a big difference between two brothers. Anil is born to enjoy life and Mukesh loves challenges.

Author — Leo Mirza


He ain't a runner like Mallya or Nirav Modi. He faced the challenge and paid off his debts. Kudos

Author — Dinesh Nair


I remember sometimes back, there was a TV series titled "The Rich also Cry". Now, I fully understand.

Author — Makomuono bunde-omuono


The fall of an empire ! Still he’s living in his own country with his family.What a brave man.Sir Anil Ambani is the real man of steel.I wish him fly high again and become the Multi-billionaire again in a few years.God speed Sir ! I can feel his pain.OMG! I too have experienced the feeling of losing.

Author — Ahmed Thasleem


The difference between two is the elder bro manage politicians well

Author — BSR ****


Mukesh could have help him but a great lesson that never give up and relationships are only for money

Author — Shehzadi Pari muslimah