Verde Luna - Vicente Gomez

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Happy Birthday, Maurice 🎂🎁 have a great celebration my dear friend....hope you’ll enjoy this hauntingly beautiful tune so full of Spanish vibes. Cheers 🍾 🥂 🎶😊

Verde Lunar is the soundtrack from the film Blood and Sand(1941) and composed by Vicente Gomez. Maurice Sherbanee suggested I work on this song. He studied flamenco guitar with the composer in the 60’s and Vicente wrote out this arrangement for him.

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Thank you Ernest for sharing this alluring piece .As always, guitarist enjoy
Your stunning work which makes me quite jealous. I love this piece and I thank
You, dear friend. I’m proud that I have suggested it♥️ thanks you.

Author — Maurice Sherbanee


It's inspiring. The melody is so good.... It is a sweet and well-controlled performance.👍💖

Author — 캡틴 마녀 Captain Witch


Beautiful music and playing, dear friend Ernest! Happy Easter! God bless you and your family 🙏

Author — Yakub Kartawidjaja


Immensely beautiful dear Ernest, I can feel the tremendous sound of the guitar as if is
talking to me! Thank you dear friend for this wonderful recital. Captivating guitar playing!!!

Author — Stavros Antoniou


Lovely melody and sounds : ) Excellent Performance : )
Brilliant presentation and music Ernest : ) Full Watch : )
Great composition : ) So peaceful and relaxing : )
Thank you for uploading this video : )



Gently softly sweetly... The sounds of melodies on your guitar is like a calm lake, where the ducks and the swans were floating freely enjoying the warm spring sun rays... 🎵🎶💕 ))

Author — cmlavita


This is really a lovely rendition of a beautiful composition! I like it very much! 👋😎🎸

Author — Dybomusic


멋진 친구
오늘도 건강하고 행복한 하루 되시길 바랍니다.^^
Verde Luna - Vicente Gomez
감사히 시청하며 응원합니다.

Author — 힐링타임노래교실Healing Time Song Class


You have dazzled me time and time again with your masterful playing; but I must admit, when you play pieces from the heart of Spain, my heart is overwhelmed with such undeniable sentiment! It's like you convey the echoes of my ancestors and strike a chord within me that is deep and profound! The tenderness and heart in which you play celebrates the vibrancy of the culture! I see it is also a birthday dedication, which is also testament to your incredibly kind and generous nature! I applaud you boldly and loudly my extraordinary friend1

Author — gounderus


Спасибо огромное за ваш талант и музыку. Лайк и просмотр.

Author — Lyudmila Югорск. Домашний рассадник.


Oh, how I did enjoy this, dear Ernest. The tapping was a surprise for me and a dramatic highlight when it appeared. Bravo Ernest and Maurice! Bravo! 🍄

Author — Turtledrum


What a pleasant Spanish sound! This was very delicately phrased, each note was purposeful. Well played, Ernest!👏

Author — Josh Vanjani


Another interpretation of incredible purity !! You are a good ambassador of music from Mauritius to whom I say "Happy Birthday" !!!! It is absolutely superb !!! Happy Easter Ernest and thank you for this lovely moment. Lydia ♫♪♫

Author — υπομονή


Dear Ernest what a beautiful melodic guitar performance!!!
Indeed fascinating interpretation with a marvelous rhythm - loved the tapping of guitar:)
I think this is one of the best birthday one could get and as I read below Maurice loved it and so we the lucky audience!!!
Friendly greetings, Leftis

Author — Leftis Music Channel


So peaceful and beautifully played have a great day Earnest much love my friend

Author — SneakS847TV


This was a great way to celabrate your dear friend, Maurice's birthday dear Ernest! Loved it, this song is indeed full of Spanish vibes! Your sophisticated guitar playing is so inspiring and impressive! It is so heartwarming! Thanks for sharing this artistic beauty with us! It is good to see you safe and sound dear Ernest in the midst of the pandemic! We recommend our special video made with the collaboration of a beautiful model, titled: Lili was front of my camera With warm greetings and the best wishes, Alex and Alexandra

Author — Alexsysmusic artistic aspirations


Ernest....I come for the amazing disciplined and heartwarming performances, and each time you deliver. This is in credible my friend. I could totally tune in and get lost in this world class playing. True mastery!!!

Author — Guitar Meets Science


Always incredible listening to you Maestro... love your choices... your playing is as soulful and passionate as ever... beautiful phrasing... a warm ambience... you took my mind on a journey 🙏🌹

Author — Therese Lefèbvre - Composer, Pianist


Здравствуйте! Спасибо за красивую музыку и исполнение!

Author — Лариса Белоусова


Gorgeous tune so delightfully played by you, dear Ernest A wonderfyl Birthday present for your friend, for sure !!!🎁🎶

Author — Altay Family