THE DALE TRUCK RETURNS!!! Firing it Back Up and Going For a RIP! **FREEDOM WARNING**

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THE DALE TRUCK RETURNS!!! Firing it Back Up and Going For a RIP! **FREEDOM WARNING** 5

Finally, by popular demand we dug out the Dale Truck to have some fun. Big things coming for this amazing truck!

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The Daytona 500 is going to be here in about 3 weeks I'm guessing that he's going to be doing something special how badass would it be if he paced the field for the beginning of the race

Author — Dave the VTWIN addict


I am a mail carrier. There is one "street" on my route that is really just a long driveway with one house at the end of it. At some point in the past the city 911 service let them make up their own address and street name. So, they went with #3 Dale Drive. I like those people.

Author — The10000lbGorilla


Cleetus: "Truck is meant to be let loose on a speedway..."
Also Cleetus: *Buys a speedway with the boys*


Author — Jared Whitaker


“The belts comin off a little”
*revs it*

Author — John Herr


Who else remembers Cletus getting pulled over in the Dale truck?!

Author — Josh


Ive never felt more American in my entire life watching this and im Canadian

Author — Jimmy Tweedale


Who Thinks He Should Get Dale JR to Drive Hit The 👍👍👍

Author — Subscribe Now


"Maybe we'll get a circle track driver to kinda show us the limits..." = Dale Jr + Talladega

Author — Wyoyeti


Cleetus, Bring it out to LS Fest West and race the three day “Truck Grand Champion” event. Autox, Road course, drag, road rally, and speed stop!
$150 for the mixed martial arts of LS Fest Racing!!!

Author — Chris Hart


I think the Freedom Factory is the impetus for bringing The Dale Truck back out...

Author — Mike Repenning


Out of all his cars I love the sound of the Dale truck the most.

Author — Mark Brittell


im pretty sure that daddy long leg had a mullet.

Author — Ray


“Somethings wrong, it want’s to go left!”

Author — Jim Myers


*waits 1 entire year for dale truck content*
10:56 "From here the people must wait"

Author — Tyler Lyons


Its up there with the Mystery Machine on the loudness scale.

"Phrases Ive never heard" for $200 Bob

Author — SE Creator


That steering wheel is gonna suck on a road coarse, way to close to the driver

Author — CaptianSSundee


10:03 when she starts yelling at you over nothing

Author — max hantzsche


No one:

Literally no one:

Cleetus: Drives a synchronized trans, downshifts to first.

Author — Sean DeBaets


Been here since “we bought a auction corvette with a truck motor” Nd just now seein this baby rip

Author — Abil Rushani


9:58 is the best part, seeing them two just cruising and cleetus just vibin in the dale truck, good times brother🤙🏻

Author — chase tuxhorn