Fight of the Week: Tiffany Van Soest Unleashes Hell at Lion Fight 21

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Fight of the Week: Tiffany Van Soest Unleashes Hell at Lion Fight 21 4.5

We've see Tiffany Van Soest fight a lot at Lion Fight but NEVER as angry and unrelenting as at Lion Fight 21! Van Soest fights to reclaim her Lion Fight title May 22nd on AXS TV!

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That other girl really pissed off Tiffany when she came out acting all nasty and trying to intimidate her. Tiffany van Soest made it a point to beat the crap out of her. By the last round that girl was just a punching bag with no gas left in the tank.



Tiffany Van Soest is so damn amazing fighter!

Author — Imhim247


Tiffany took her to school, it was a training session for her.
That was a perfect lesson in why you shouldn't get up in someone's face to intimidate them, when you don't posses the skills to back it up.

Author — styleyk


since she prevented Van Soest from sealing the ring, an evil spirit must have turned her into a punching bag.

Author — Walt Anthony


woman in blue has to be the sloppiest professional fighter I've ever seen

Author — Jeff Race


"Dutch BackPack" LOL, Love it!

Author — Todd Short


Hello person scrolling through the comment section.. Have great day! WooOOOoo!

Author — Theemysteryman2018


Wtf is this. The girl in blue fights like an amateur. How is she even fighting at this level.

Author — NoLimits


That liver kick looked powerful enough

Author — Eric Christian


Waiting for the Ref to get clocked. He ain't quick enough to get the hell outta the way.

Author — SGTJDerek


Tiffany looks awesome. This other chick couldn't possibly look sloppier or more awkward...

Author — New Rule Media


I like it when fighters who think they're all THAT, are taught that they're not and end up on the mat.

She was 44-10. Who the hell did she

Author — Gary Loger


Tiffany has the best footwork I've ever seen of any Muay Thai or MMA fighter. The angles she hits and comes at you with is crazy. She also takes her head offline when she throws so you can't counter punch her and her faints and fades are top level. She is a phenomenal technical fighter.

Author — D Allen


That lady fights like a crackhead. Who let her in the ring?

Author — John Doe


"Van Soest can beat the sun in a staring contest."
Michael freaking Chavello

Author — Herson Da Person


"screams when she gets kicked, too"

Author — ramsy420


the fight hasn’t start and i already know who was gonna win 😂

Author — Carl cordon


Tiffany's legs are things of beauty. She's such a physical specimen and has the heart of a champion.

Author — Ed Derbubba


The beginning is funny ... the girl in white trying to play hard.
Then later, she looks like drunk ;)

Author — Hello World


girl in blue reminds me of don flomenco from mike tyson punchout lmao

Author — Rican Poe cuba