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Analysis: Key takeaways from the EU election results | DW News 4.5

The European parliamentary elections have seen their biggest turnout in 20 years. Participation in the EU elections was up by neary 10 points compared with five years ago. Europe's traditionally large centrist parties have suffered significant losses, as Greens, liberals and nationalists gained ground in Brussels. But voters delivered a complicated message: it’s a patchwork result from a patchwork union.

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A huge part where Germany CDU/CSU and SPD lost ton of votes is how these parties handle the climate change. They dumped down photovoltaic and don't want to loose the cole burning. In a few years we are faced with unstoppable, irreversible heating of Earth. We have to act now to stop that breakpoint. And CDU/CSU, SPD did nothing about it the past years.

Author — Miyuden


"The greens on left and nationalist party on the far right"

Jeez man, can't just present the facts. Have to flavor it with bias.

Author — Widget Handler


This must be good news... is hardly covering it.

Author — McLean Blades


There is something odd about how the parameters to the commentary are between far-right and left😅🤤. Way to go 👍.

Author — Markus Walden


good way to drive people away from your cause, call them far right :D

Author — benjaminhon86


The message is clear:
Change course and stop betraying your people.

Author — Defend Liberty


Just a step, but in the right direction. Real change takes time. We'll get there.

Author — 133col


Far right? The brexit party ran without a manifesto and with only one objective to leave Europe, what is far right about that?

Author — YouTube viewer


I hope Belgium gonna change their monopoly too

Author — rakesh raghavan


Europeans have spoken . It's clear the EU will change its direction with new representation in Brussels to help chart the destiny of Europe . Keep up the good work at DW. Or

Author — Walden Smith


As an outsider looking in from "Down Under", this is a fantastic result for

Author — Fred Mallon


Comments r enabled for this video lol ?

Author — Philgwellington


2:03 - why is she wearing her dressing gown at this formal occasion ?

Author — VC YT


I am so happy that Angela Merkel Posse lost power.

Author — Victoria barefoot


What a lovely result to wake up with.
Never in the history of mankind has there been a progressive bloc as powerful as the EU Greens are now.

Author — Guinness


Fragmentation is good. Those large Left and Right centrists needed to have their noses bloodied. A good reality check for them.

Author — Vik Z


Do these new agencies research things? Le Pen's party lost 1, 5% and a seat compared to 2014. How can they call that a victory? How does that change FN's position in europe for the better?

Author — Archangel17


"the greens on the left, and the nationalist parties on the far right" funny how the far left apparently doesn't exist.

Author — jdg


Do they get sustainable oatmeal in the morning??

Author — Sjoerd Wiggemansen


I saw it more like this: In effect, the whole of Europe has moved Right one step like soldiers on the Parade Ground. The Communists lose 14 seats, > the Greens gain 14 seats, the S&D's lose 37 seats > the Liberals gain 39 seats, the EPP lose 37 seats > the harder Right gain 37 seats. A Political Newton's Cradle.

Author — oyinbo peppe