Machu Pic'chu: Clear Evidence Of A Pre-Inca Megalithic Core At The Site

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Machu Pic'chu: Clear Evidence Of A Pre-Inca Megalithic Core At The Site 4.5

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I enjoy this dry style of presentation. No hyperbole, no 'loud' assertions, no manipulative motion editing.

Author — Doug Milam


My own skull 💀 is getting elongated listening to Brien he is a genius surrounded by crackpots.

Author — Kenneth Kramer


This man is so likable and dedicated to his work, I look forward to all his videos I really like these lectures he really gets into the nitty gritty and shows the best slides.

Author — Ceri Jones


It appears civilization has arose at many points in the planet's history, can you imagine seeing this site when it was brand new? I wonder if the megalithic builders had even older wonders of their age.

Author — Captain Trips


This basically is a 50 minute Inca roast.

Author — Rollmops94


The megalithic civilization’s identity may remain a mystery, but
we know greatness was achieved long before modern man.

Author — Walter Palmer


Considering the shape of the mountain, some mega-stones must have fallen to the deep narrow valley below during the ancient cataclysm and these may be buried in the mud.

Author — Luis Carlos


Beautiful pics. I like the dry presentation. But damn this is 50 minutes of “but again, megalithic on the bottom and inferior Inca on top”.

Author — Jack Wardrop


Sharing this presentation is the high-end of the YT experience. Thank you, Brien. Each year, the Hancock catastrophe theory rings truer. Brien's work is testament to an unknown pre-era that establishment academics refuse to investigate.

Author — jimmer hardy


Thanks for your work Brien. It's not hard to see the difference in the stone work, even for me. So, archeologists surely must have noticed. It doesn't take away from the Inca abilities to recognize that there was a previous culture before the Inca found this site.

Author — Joan Borrelli


There were kingdoms, and empires in Peru, before the Inca Empire. Caral, in the northwestern area of Peru, is over 5, 000, years old. The Chavin kingdom was very ancient too. The Wari empire, were in Peru, before the Incas. And the Chachapoyas, Paracas, Nazca, Moche, Chimu, and so on, all before the Inca Empire.

Author — Jack Lee


Fantastic setting the falsified history straight! Clearing the confusion our lying mainstream academia poison us with! Brilliant amazing work ...

Author — Philip Thomas


Is it just me or there actually 3 levels of construction, one on the bottom very large tight fitting roughly finished stones then more refined large well fitted stones then the loose fitting Inca construction?

I also noticed what looks like lifting tabs sticking out of the sides of the some of the oldest largest stones on the bottom.

Author — Michael Clark


Thank you for doing such a good work! I like that you simply look at what is there and draw logical conclusions! Very cool! Makes so much more sense than what I got told from the tour guide when I visited Machu Picchu some years ago! :-)

Author — Marlen Marlencita


Thank you for taking us on your journey. Much appreciated.

Author — Shu


this is the best presentation of the variances in building technology currently available, nice work.

Author — Douglas Rutherford


Love the presentation style. I grab an espresso coffee in the morning and just immerse myself.

Author — Johann Bach


Great work and very good explanations based on what is available.
My conclusion is that it was not the today, s Inca who did all the recent work. According to my studies on China, the Chinese people of Marco Polo's time and before, called Manzi were of White Race. The today's Chinese were called Cathayans by Marco Polo. They were the Yellow race living in Northern China. Kublai Khan trained, armed and used the Cathayans to watch over Manzi. At the end of 15th century the armed Cathayans revolted, the Mongols expelled, and the Manzi massacred almost to the last one.

But a great number of Manzi also called CALI and/or CHALI escaped with that great Chinese armada which is mentioned at the end of the 15th century. The name CHINA is from CHALI, CHAU which word meant "earth" in their language. It also matches the English words CHA-NNEL, After all the CHA-NEL is done in CHAU (earth). The word PICHU is explained to be "Mountain"in this clip. It is not a coincidence that it matches the English PEAK.

As the Chali/Cali escaped the massacre on the great ships they had (Marco Polo mentioned them), most of them (who escaped) ended up in Americas and there is plenty of proof of Chinese arriving to these lands. But no sign whatsoever of Chinese. That is because the Chinese were White Race.
The ships went back and forth for only 10 years. After that, the ships were destroyed by the Cathayans (today's Chinese).

I suspect it was part of these CHALI who found the old ruins and rebuilt and lived in them. They were taken like Gods and local people were used as labor.Some mixture with the locals took place, but also it is most likely that when Spaniards arrived, the Chali being Whites, a very quick mixture took place and traces of Chali vanished.

Anyone wanting to learn more about Chinese history, please go to and than to thread "Who were the early Chinese".

Author — Raven Alb J.


43:14 The underground water engineering is one the most intriguing secrets of the ancient builders

Author — Fudge Dredd


Yay! No CGI, dramatic music, odd assertions in peculiar voices, and no hype! I love it! Archaeology as it is.

Author — Aryan Civilization