Machu Pic'chu: Clear Evidence Of A Pre-Inca Megalithic Core At The Site

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Machu Pic'chu: Clear Evidence Of A Pre-Inca Megalithic Core At The Site 4.5
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I enjoy this dry style of presentation. No hyperbole, no 'loud' assertions, no manipulative motion editing.

Author — Doug Milam


My own skull 💀 is getting elongated listening to Brien he is a genius surrounded by crackpots.

Author — Kenneth Kramer


It appears civilization has arose at many points in the planet's history, can you imagine seeing this site when it was brand new? I wonder if the megalithic builders had even older wonders of their age.

Author — Harpy Harp


This basically is a 50 minute Inca roast.

Author — Rollmops94


~12, 000 years ago...likely when the comet or asteroid impacted the ice that Graham Hancock has mentioned

Author — Bacchor


The megalithic civilization’s identity may remain a mystery, but
we know greatness was achieved long before modern man.

Author — Walter Palmer


Considering the shape of the mountain, some mega-stones must have fallen to the deep narrow valley below during the ancient cataclysm and these may be buried in the mud.

Author — Luis Carlos


Beautiful pics. I like the dry presentation. But damn this is 50 minutes of “but again, megalithic on the bottom and inferior Inca on top”.

Author — Jack Wardrop


There were kingdoms, and empires in Peru, before the Inca Empire. Caral, in the northwestern area of Peru, is over 5, 000, years old. The Chavin kingdom was very ancient too. The Wari empire, were in Peru, before the Incas. And the Chachapoyas, Paracas, Nazca, Moche, Chimu, and so on, all before the Inca Empire.

Author — Jack Lee


Thanks for your work Brien. It's not hard to see the difference in the stone work, even for me. So, archeologists surely must have noticed. It doesn't take away from the Inca abilities to recognize that there was a previous culture before the Inca found this site.

Author — Joan Borrelli


43:14 The underground water engineering is one the most intriguing secrets of the ancient builders

Author — Fudge Dredd


this is the best presentation of the variances in building technology currently available, nice work.

Author — Douglas Rutherford


These presentations are marvelous, Brien! Thank you very much!

=One Love=


Author — Alejandro Gonzalez


Must be weird going for a walk with this man :-)

Look can you see the tight fitting stone, ignore the McD sign :-) Tight work there in the megalith. Pre-crazy clown :-)

Author — 1Me


Thank you as always, I appreciate all the work you've done on this.

Author — carpo719


Sharing this presentation is the high-end of the YT experience. Thank you, Brien. Each year, the Hancock catastrophe theory rings truer. Brien's work is testament to an unknown pre-era that establishment academics refuse to investigate.

Author — jimmer hardy


Totally enjoyed this video Mr. Foerster, thank you for taking the time to make it... mesmerizing to say the least..

Author — catibree1


A con-man living off the gullible willingly ignorant masses, or simply insane...

Author — Norwegian Blue


They couldn't compete with Alien technology.
Whether it's aliens from space, or aliens from their southern border.
They just had superior technology.

Author — xl


Blocks like that of minute 2:20 we see in Anatolia.

Author — rahat nl ma pis pe youtube