Inside Detroit's Failing Public Schools

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Inside Detroit's Failing Public Schools 4.5
Detroit Public Schools are in crisis. Dropout rates are twice the national average, schools are routinely failing health inspections, and the district is more than three and a half billion dollars in debt. In this short video, Atlantic associate editor Alia Wong traces the history of Detroit Public Schools—from a model for urban education at the turn of the century to a failing, debt-ridden system today. How did the school district decline so dramatically?

This video is based on the report, A School District in Crisis: Detroit's Public Schools 1842-2015.

Authors: Daniel Lombroso, Alia Wong, Michael Bloom

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"Detroit is improving because a school hasn't closed in 2 years"

you gotta be kidding me XD

Author — SargeFTWGaming


WHO SAYS THE DETROIT KIDS AREN'T IN SCHOOL?! Detroit closes school buildings, then the drop-outs return to the school to loot and strip the place of copper plumbing. See, that's how Detroit gets their kids "back in school"!

Author — Timbrock1000


detroit is not improving. your video is false.

Author — roy romano


In 1980,  I was 16 Years old and remember the LOCAL news talking about the  PROBLEMS in the schools in Detroit AND how they were going to fix it. Few years later,  News story about teachers stealing computers and taking them home and/or giving them to friends.
37 years LATER...Same story
Problems in Detroit Schools.
Generations of kids going to bad schools. And we wonder why there is crime etc.
Retirement money/bonuses should be taken away
When people get a pay check either way for doing " Great work "  or  " Terrible work " is never good!

Author — martind586


How did we get here? That's easy: The demographics changed.

Author — Lava1964


How ironic - the aerial view of the school at the end is shaped like an F!

Author — A A Q


I never let school get in the way of my education...

Author — Glenn Wilkinson


Also White people left because a bunch of maniacs burned half the city down not because of desegregation.

Author — acktion jackson


Crazy picture at the end. Dozens of city blocks each with 1-5 houses standing on each.

Author — Alex M


Detroit is NOT in anyway IMPROVING! The city is falling to rust all because nobody will take care of it. It’s sad, Detroit was a bustling city in the 20th century and now look where it is now. It is the saddest place I have ever been😔 I am a resident in Michigan and attend my local High School, I live in Metro Detroit and we have not a single problem with our schools. Detroit has extreme debt on their hands and I see no signs of them trying to pay it off😔 I have Three years of High School left and by the time I graduate, I think Detroit won’t be a city anymore. Just a shell of what it used to sad

Author — Jax Gradinscak


Sad excuses
Simple solution
Bring back accountability
Lots of blame to go around
Interesting on what political party
Runs all these failed cities
Also the solution has nothing to do with lack of funding.
And everything to do with lack of discipline.

Author — John Newman


Isn’t that funny: notice that there is no mention of the black riots in 1943 or 1967. They show footage of the AFTERMATH (burned down buildings), but they don’t show the people who were causing the destruction. Yet, they imply “white flight” was caused by desegregation.

Author — Jonathan Collier-Porter


Detroit sounds like a city in Africa, no idea what the reason...

Ahh yes, the White supremacist conspiracy to keep blacks from learning at schools.

Author — Darren Mandalorian


I know who the problem is, and you do too.

Author — DanielC


99% of the problem is that when you let the students rule, intimidate, hit the teachers and come to school only when they feel like it and then your school board is on these poor students side, this is the end result, who wants to be a teacher in Detroit only to find out that the school board doesn't have the teachers safety to be their number 1 priority, then, this is what you end up with, a broken down terrible school system.

Author — Andre Canuck


Why ask why or how this happened? Everybody knows the reason.

Author — Anrcs Mxms


Tbh all they need to do is become human and this stuff wouldn't be happening

Author — Stoopio's Productions


1:50 You mean when auto plants relocated outside the country.

Author — Publius Maximus Manlius


Facts Detroit is 82% black Detroit is 47% illiterate Detroit H.S. graduation rate 21.7% Motor city MOVED its car plants because the Blacks RIOTS!!!

Author — john knowing


White people stay and they’re the problem. White people leave and they’re the problem. White people can’t win if you believe this documentary.

Author — Saint Michael