Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - “Becoming Kareem” On and Off the Court | The Daily Show

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - “Becoming Kareem” On and Off the Court | The Daily Show 5

NBA Hall of Famer and "Becoming Kareem" author Kareem Abdul-Jabbar compares Colin Kaepernick's protest to his own travails as a socially engaged athlete.

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Kareem Abdul Jabbar and the late Muhammad Ali(the Greatest) two true legends who revolutionized the way black people were viewed in america.Theyr'e also beacons of inspiration for muslims everywhere, especially in the US. May Allah grant them peace in this life and the hereafter.

Author — Mega Deoxyz


There's no RACISM in islam, you can be anyone from anywhere but in ISLAM you'll always be EQUAL. Alhamdulillah 🕊🕊🕊💛

Author — Bella a


*Islam is a religion of peace and justice, a fact that the world denies*

Author — I can


"I sky-hooked it into a wastebasket." Awesome.

Author — Brian Francis


I did A book report on this guy when I was in 1st grade....I am 45 years old now

Author — Wood y


Malcom x, Kareem abduljabar, muhammed Ali are my heros, and alhumdllah we share the same belive 🙏🙏

Author — Fadi


Who’s watching this video on 2020 and RIP TO George Floyd🥺🙏🏽

Author — Asma Ali


This is what I love about Trevor Noah. He brings in guests and has nuanced conversations which help us think about race and religion in a way that other late show hosts can't. So glad Comedy Central brought him on board, right choice.

Author — summersevening


Honestly all of his words and thoughts are so articulated and we'll thought out. I don't know how to describe it but he doesn't get angry at everything. He takes things slowly and peacefully. Mashallah may he have an amazing rest of his life and in the hereafter.

Author — Kai_Rivercrest


Second Khalifa Omar (Ra) used to stand up when Belal (Ra) comes in, calls him Syedna Belal, means “the great”
That’s the beauty of islam.
Allah doesn’t judge based on someone’s colour. He judges based on Amal.
Almighty Allah give us ability to understand true islam.

Author — Amin Taluqdar


The greatest Laker yet the humblest player🙌

Author — furqaan ahmed


"We gotta keep fighting until people understand and help us change it in a positive way". Respect!!

Author — Kayode Ayelegun


Kareem is such a pure soul. I’m a kid from the UK who is about to buy and read his book and hopefully adopt his positive philosophy. Such a tremendously inspiring, honest & pure man.

Author — JaysFishDreams C


I'm an atheist, but just because this dude is Muslim isn't a reason to discount his views or what he has done or stands for. Especially on issues that aren't directly related to his religiosity or the religion he practices. My views on religion probably aren't greatly different to the views of the people discounting Kareem, but it's particularly discouraging to see people who likely identify themselves as "free-thinkers, " as I do, be so close-minded.

Author — Action Sloth


Been my hero since 1974....Just love the man and what he stands for as a person.

Author — Darrell Williams


MashaAllah Brother Kareem, May Allah continue to bless you.

Author — Andy Hughes


I am going to buy that book. Just in case Mr. Abdul-Jabar reads this, my dad is a very white, old man and he voted for Obama. He told me he was very surprised but happy because he never thought a Black man could be President. He also said that when JFK was running for President, he was surprised back then, because everyone said a Catholic could never be President. He voted for Jennifer Granholm, the first woman governor of Michigan. (He did refer to her as "my girl Jenny" but he's old, give him a pass on that---) He said a lot of men his age wouldn't ever vote for a female but he's open-minded. Herbert Hoover was the President when he was born and he said he never thought he would see a worse he's changed his mind on that....I understand Kareem changing his name, because my mother had her name changed by the school to a more "acceptable" American name (she was born in Detroit, but her name was Giovanna, which I think is beautiful, but they said she had to be called "Jennie". The name on her gravestone is "Jennie"; not the same as the name her mother gave her. Peace and fairness everyone.

Author — Veronica Haynie


I think Kareem would make a good democratic candidate for president

Author — Adnan Kabir


Wonderful interview. Kareem is such an open-minded inspirational man. god bless him.

Author — Azza Mohamed


Who is here after George Floyd may he rest in peace !!! Everything Kareem says still excists anno 2020 wake up people !!

Author — TurK Style