The war in Syria explained in five minutes | Guardian Animations

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The war in Syria explained in five minutes | Guardian Animations 3
The war in Syria explained in five minutes

What is going on in Syria and why? This animation explains the events that have led to the ongoing civil war in the Middle Eastern country, which is reported to have claimed over 100,000 lives. It's a complicated issue, but this explainer should serve as a good starting point for understanding it all

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“We’re going to take out 7 countries in 5 years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan & Iran..”
General Wesley Clark

Автор — AllAroundKeenSagittariusAthleteWorker


Watching this as a Chinese audience is so funny because how ridiculous this video is. So only China and Russia have interest in this region, other western countries have no business involved. They only want to bring peace and democracy. How big of a hypocrite are u?

Автор — Yikeng Chen


How did the rebels find thousands of weapons rockets mines tanks missiles

Автор — Alper Bozdogan


I feel so proud reading all these comments! People are waking up to go after the truth, you people rock!

Автор — Dirk Scholten


Civil war in lybia ended?! I'm Egyptian and that's a news to me!

Автор — The Egyptian Free Thinkers


Watching in 2018, a day after the U.S., U.K., and France ordered airstrikes on Syria.

Автор — Amanda P


Assad is by no means a saint but he is the best option for Syria.

The other rebels groups are made up of jihadists and if Assad falls, the nation will end up like Iraq and Libya: Unstable countries which dont function properly and are run by Islamic terrorists.

Автор — ChekaSpy


I'm iraqi and i lived in syria that's not true Assad was the best of all times.

Автор — ViVa Assyria


This video is biased to make Assad, Russia and China as the evil ones

Автор — Alvaro Cerda


It's all lies, don't watch this.
Is the exact opposite....all of it
I'm sorry it's very good channel but president didn't do anything wrong...
It's the USA turkey and france who made all this mess.
They gave money to terrorist to buy weapons to fight Syria and they made the country warzone.
I'm also a Syrian and I'm damn sure we Syrians we didn't had any depression.
President took care of us like a family and he made this country a lot better.
Thank you for your attention
BELIEVE all I said is true...

Автор — Nazo Baboghlian


The Libyan Civil war ended after Gaddafi?? Are you serious??? it's still going on! Various factions, a lot of them radical islamists, are fighting each other 7 years after Gaddafi fell with no end in sight...such a ridiculous video and no before you ask I am not a Russian troll :P

Автор — CaptainGrimes1


Who is giving arms to rebels America and Israel is A devil (Lucifer) on earth.

Автор — Shakeel Shah


I simply cannot trust the guardian after how they slandered Poland and spread lies about it

Автор — Wyatt Shelley


Small groups of armed rebels started to arms them?

Автор — ls mg


Things started going really wrong in the ME when they discovered liquid gold.

Автор — Peter Beedle


Dear Guardian... we r not fools. Everybody knows who is behind this. Don't u have guts to tell truth.

Автор — fairytale brutt


I trusted The Guardian is better than this. Shame on you, liars!

While Asad is a dictator, it was the CIA initiating rebel oposition.

Russia and China are oposing at UN due to UN charter forbiding intervention in this situation.

If this video did anything, this was to make me understand better why the North Korea is desperate to get nuclear capabilities. This is the only warranty that it won't get invaded.

Автор — um02122


How is this biased? It's not.

I'm so sick of this. Extremists are mad that the video didn't say their side was right, or winning, or better, or whatever. So they just claim it's "Biased", when it is very clearly not.

Автор — Nicsho


This video is from the Guardian.... Which means it's absolute garbage western media. Takes 30 seconds to figure that out.

Автор — Vu Ville


fake and misgaided people ...bloody puppet of USA ....

Автор — yadgaar In photo