Full Fight | Michael Chandler vs. Benson Henderson - Bellator 165

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Full Fight | Michael Chandler vs. Benson Henderson - Bellator 165 4

It's Full Fight Friday! Take a look back at Bellator 165: Michael Chandler vs. Benson Henderson in it's entirety!

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Me 5 minutes in the video:

How did this man survive for 38 minutes 🤔

Автор — King Shawnn


Benson Henderson once got into a bar fight in Arizona with a drunk racist. He won by split decision

Автор — DNA N


5:15 há tempos eu não via isso kkk O bagulho ficou louco pro Ben Henderson.

Автор — Ezio Auditore


Chandler clearly won that fight, split is a joke. 49-46 Chandler

Автор — Ronald Burgess


I can't believe nobody tied Bensons hair back? after round 1... he keeps flicking it out of his face/eyes...

Автор — Judy Faulkner


I’m a simple man. I see a suplex in my recommendation feed, I cLiCK

Автор — No Future00


Cara no primeiro round deu dó do cabeludo mais no segundo deu mais do ainda, zueira no segundo ele tá melhor kk

Автор — Mack samuka


22:41 a guy in the audience yells "BILL GATES!"

Автор — Nick Kosma


So much respect fir these two...heart of lions and UNREAL cardio

Автор — Metal Mentality


1, 3, 4 - Chandler.
2, 5 - Henderson.

Pretty easy to score.

Автор — Oscar Simón


HAHAHAH Henderson had him fully figured out and outclassed by the 2nd round, he wasn't touched anymore until the end of the fight when the champion pushed him LOL

Автор — Charles Lee


18 mins in no ones mentioning these knees or kicks that Henderson’s throwing

Автор — jameswun


1st round, Henderson took the worst continuous beating I've seen (without the fight being stopped) and he took it like a champ

Автор — emilio alvarez gutierrez


Solid fight. Can't believe how messed up Chandler was in comparison to Henderson. Rematch!

Автор — Adrian Landreth


Chandler gave him a WWE Chris Benoit Back Suplex😂

Автор — Mr Man


Never try to guillotine Henderson. The dude has insane defense against that sub. He has been DEEP into many a guillotine and he has squirmed and scrambled out of every single one.

Автор — The Emo Emu


They were both so good but if it would’ve came down to another round I’m sure Henderson would’ve won

Автор — marco mj


38:13 Look at his face. Damn I feel that pain like he been bullied.

Автор — J C


Benson could get a lift to another ring and do a 5 rounds again.

Автор — Pretzeliminator


One of the best MMA fights I have ever seen..

Автор — Mr Mr