Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4) 2017 E3 Gameplay

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Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4) 2017 E3 Gameplay 4.5

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I told my friends about this game yesterday and they called me childish because I like spider man, meanwhile THEY ARE PLAYING FORTNITE !

Author — Black Fox


*Place your finger here*
👇 if you love spider man ps4

Author — sarge 233


Anyone else come back here when they realised they changed this scene?

Author — Peter Reed


Post here if you just beat this mission

Author — king1supreme


Who's here since The Avengers Game reveal is coming soon at E3?

Author — Roddy Banner


Does whatever a spider can,
Everything’s going dark,
I don’t feel so good mr. stark,
Oh no,
There goes the Spider-Man

(Stole this meme)

Author — Zeke Boost


I just don't understand why they gave away the spoiler of revealing Martin Li in this gameplay reveal when they retconned the scene in the actual game so he's not even there.

Author — JazuX


Anyone still coming here before the game comes out?

Author — ThiccThanos13


A spiderman game with the quality of the Batman Arkham YOU KNOW HOW LONG IVE BEEN WAITING???!!!! THANK YOU INSOMNIAC!!! The stealth, action, production value, score and graphics is just out of this world. WOW. Now this is how a spiderman should be.

Author — Moses King


people are saying there’s a downgrade in graphics? i literally been playing this game nonstop and i can tell you this game is absolutely gorgeous and the controls are so freaking smooth!

Author — H Zaragoza


Shit, the health bars and everything are completely different.

Author — Sideswipe 84


Who got the game but still watching this video

Author — Beaked zeus7034


14, 000 dislikes from Xbox players 😂😂😂

Author — Alex G


I guess the 18k people who disliked this video are must be xbox gamers.

Author — ultimate gamer


RIP Stan Lee... you will always be in our hearts :’(

Author — mimisole


I can't wait for ps5 to come out, because if it realeased, i finally can buy a freaking ps4

Author — MemeForce


Everyone's here talking about the mission changes, meanwhile here I am wondering what happened to that scene when Spider-Man was free-roaming and crashed through a coffee shop. Legit was one of the reasons I brought this; to interrupt people when they're in the middle of coffee.

Author — なuntold


Anyone else here watching this for the millionth time?.... 😏👀

Author — Notyourmorty


Rest In Peace Stan Lee
Thanks for sharing your creativity with the world.

Author — Bolbi145


I remember this was all we had to watch for 1 year.

Author — Lightning Whip