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Ross Kemp: Return to Afghanistan - Receiving Packages From Home | Ross Kemp Extreme World 5

Ross and Delta Company head back to Musa Qala base where they get some well deserved rest. During this time, the soldiers receive packages from their families but it isn't long before they begin their next operation at Small Qats.

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Who else watching this from covid "quarantine"

Author — Celi Gawd


scottish people are well funny
friend gets shot

he's not gna be dancing for a while

Author — Anhearo


Seeing that one soldier holding the young child brought a tear to my eye. Very touching.

Author — the one


36:05 - You can see Ross jump down saying: "RPG! RPG!", while in the background, you see a soldier sitting upright more to get a better view and laugh while doing it.

Author — Lorenzo Latino


23:28 - Seeing those soldiers making those children laugh and holding babies in their arms... Absolutely beautiful and brought on tears.

Author — Rui Mendes


one thing i got out of this: people who wear sandels are a THREAT!

Author — Anneliese Keir


WOw it's now 2018 & the military isn't burning sheet any longer, those fumes off the diesel were the primary culprit in intestinal virus. Out all Afghan war documentaries, Ross you are the most enjoyable. I'm American & obviously live in the states, yet American media for the most part under performs in covering Afghanistan. Thank you Mr. Kemp

Author — jay kay


It's awful to see all of these innocent people being injured and killed over a conflict brought forth by their own people and government. Very sad to see them suffering as such, especially the little girl with shrapnel in her back; brought tears to my eyes.

Author — Neonz27


Never drink the local water. At least not without decon tablets. Those microbes are no joke.

Author — Tommy Arnold


Ross Kemp: i just won the lottery by the way…
1 sec later
*gun shots*

Author — Juvy Cruz


20:20 makes me surprised that this video hasn’t been taken down yet

Author — Dylan Corbett


I feel so bad for these bristish they are so young and they are in very dangerous places of afghanistan god bless them

Author — Black Water


The officer in charge of this company is amazing

Author — Nuh 1997


Every politician that has a vote on war should HAVE TO visit there. The thought of some rich guy in a suit sending these kids out to die without a care in the world just pisses me off

Author — Korrey Courts


Holy shit these soldiers are amazing people. Especially the medics. And i mean the way they were making that girl who had shrapnel remove laugh at 23:29 just melted my heart

Author — Adam Case


Most sad thing is seen the children’s like this

Author — Kevin Diaz


I'm relieved that the poor guy with half his guts out made a recovery

Author — Lord Metri


How the soldiers were treating her with so much love was so touching that I almost cried.

Author — 사랑해요Kokoro-chan


*Youtuber swears*
Ads: thats not ok
*showing a mans spilling guts*
Ads: thats ok

Author — Maurius


Sounds awfully topical rn.
Wish the world was just shitting their pants uncontrollably. Brownvid-19

Author — Zman44444