IRAN to AFGHANISTAN - Which is more Dangerous? (from my experience)

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IRAN to AFGHANISTAN - Which is more Dangerous? (from my experience) 5
Comparing Iran to Afghanistan and other countries I have visited.
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Author — Indigo Traveller


Remember the name Indigo Traveler! You have respect of 38 million of Afghans!

Author — Ziarmal Mustafa


Your content should be shown on national TV's

Author — Daniel Brkovic


Dam I respect that he didn’t make up a story about the boy.
This channel is great, love how real it is.

Author — Paul Mata


Iran is completeyy different to afghanistan their not comparable, firstly Iran isn’t in war and hasn’t been since 1988

Author — Alistair


Thank you for these videos. Really enjoyed the Afghanistan series. It evoked many thoughts and emotions. You're very gifted with how to put all of your footage together.

Author — Charles Evanstar


Is He OK??? I haven't seen his weekly video in like a month. Does anyone know????

Author — Marc V


Your Afghanistan video was the most moving I have seen. It affected me enormously, I can only image it was a life changing experience for you.
Keep safe, we look forward to seeing you back again.

Author — B G


I love Iran that place look unique and beautiful😍😍🇰🇪🇰🇪

Author — Stephen Kiprono


IRAN cannot be compared to Afghanistan and even Europe or America.from security side Iran is one of the safest place on Earth.tehran is very safer than london or New York city.the problems is only the regime which have Tribble relations with the west and that's why Iranophobia is on top duty of payed medias against Iran.Iran have a very rich diverse culture.

Author — Mehdi Bnid


I love the education you give us about people from everywhere. Thank you so much.

Author — Pixy Perfect


I really appreciate this man's objectivity. He does an incredible job of leaving personal opinion and politics out of his presentations which makes them possible to have the most impact. For example, I'm a 30 year old conservative from the U.S. and love this man's work. Great videos.

Glad to have subscribed back when Indigo first got going because I knew he was a quality person.

Author — LargeFarva


I can see how hurt you were with the boy with the eggs. It's crazy how blessed many of us are. Stay head strong brother, you are doing God's work.

Author — Collin DeRossette


Love to people of Afghanistan from India.

Author — Mamta Devadiga


It's another perspective to the stereotypes in mainstream media. Good job.

Author — Yonis Adan


Go to kyrgyzstan! It's a beautiful country that is rarely covered and I would love to see your perspective.

Author — Ethan Bellerino


Hey Nick,
You vlogs documenting daily realities in Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan are definitely worthy of a Pulitzer, Polk award, One World Media Award, etc. Keep up the excellent work and stay safe.

Author — Michael Bakeley


Enjoy your break, my dude. Thanks for the perspective and the charity work. wishing you a safe a productive 2020



Imagine a world of love, peace and happiness! Id give my life for that world ✌🏾

Author — Ant Leverton


Hey I'm from Iran and I want to thank you because of being honest and neutral about your experience in Iran. Although I did your videos and there alot of cooer places than the ones you been to !!(:

Author — Nasser Hoseinian