Gordon Amazed By Chef Who Mistakes Chicken For Beef | Kitchen Nightmares FULL EPISODE

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Gordon Amazed By Chef Who Mistakes Chicken For Beef | Kitchen Nightmares FULL EPISODE 5

Yes, but does Gordon have Diamonds on his fish?

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Gordon's the kinda guy who would let his hairdresser know he didn't like the cut.

Author — Siddhartha Shanbhag


Gordon has no racism in him. *He hated everyone equally*

Author — KeNZiNe2103


Customer: I wanna take a deep breath.
Ricky: Sorry we don't have fresh air today

Author — Kiran Nair


Ricky is like that smart and cool friend who's really bad at school because his first friends are bad at school

Author — Arges


This dude : "He just one person opinion"
"Dude, he can Ruin your whole career with single sentence"

Author — Nayuki the Cultured Man


I feel like Ricky has the best character development as a chef in this show

Author — M. Alfi Tarish


The blonde girl is so right she’s always trying to get stuff right but the dudes keep eating stuff and like won’t stop

Author — Lol Me


Lela: "I'm the owner of a fine dining restaurant."

*cuts to hysterical laughs*

Author — Andy B.


Gordon, satisfied, finally leaves.
Me: 😌
"The restaurant still had to close."
Me: ☹️

Author — Mr Flip-flop


No one else complained about it
Gordon: well there’s nobody else in the restaurant

Author — Enthusiastic_ Gamer


"I'll have a glass of water pls"
"We don't have water today"

Author — P-ART


"Passion for what?"
"Your making powdered mash potato" LMAO!! like for real tho hahaha

Author — Lunus


When even the mayor likes the food but the restaurant still closes.

Author — Wolf Eclipse


Confusing chicken and beef is like confusing your own daughter with a stranger

Author — Maria El-Arif


the last clip where Lelas shut down made me sad. however, i found out that Ricky continued his passion and is now Executive Chef at The Corner Butcher Shop in La Verne.

Author — joy


i feel like his attitude changed once he realised he didnt know what chicken tastes like

Author — Callum-Lee McAuley


I would blush like a schoolgirl if Gordon called me “𝘥𝘢𝘳𝘭𝘪𝘯𝘨~"

Author — Paula C. Muñoz Torres


The fact Gordon only does American restaurants and not British says A LOT

Author — Aimee Lou


Gordon isn’t rude, he just tells the truth unlike anyone else...

Author — CricketNR


You can't really blame the blonde girl for acting so bitchy all the time, with all the racket the men make she's bound to be pissed all the time, especially at the smallest things. She has an attitude for a reason, and i really feel for her.

Author — Dia