Mother Falls to Death From Amusement Park Ride | ABC World News Tonight with David Muir | ABC News

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Mother Falls to Death From Amusement Park Ride | ABC World News Tonight with David Muir | ABC News 4
Children and other passengers watch in horror as mother falls from her seat off 14-story high roller coaster.

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ABC World News Tonight with David Muir
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That's such a horrible and terrifying way to die. 😱 I don't care if statistics show that roller coasters are relatively safe. Even if ONE person falls off a roller coaster, that's one too many people for me. 

Author — SPNchick44


I went a week before this happened. This lady's thing didn't go down and none of the employees went to go check if everyone had their thing down like it was supposed to. They gave the thumbs up to go, my dad and I were screaming for them not to start the ride and they noticed and said why? The lady then got up from the ride, horrified that she could of died. It was the same ride, probably the same employees, and the same situation. It was carelessness.

Author — Cindi TrottsOften


Oh my god! Imagine how scared those two kids must've been! Think about it! You're what, 12 or 9, and all of a sudden, your mom falls out of a roller coaster and freakin' Now THAT'S what I call a bad Poor kids and mom. R. I. P. :'(

Author — Kendall Hicks


Six Flags has always been shady, sticking to Cedar Point ;)

Author — Derian Parsons


This is why I just go on the rides for little kids...

Author — royal amusement


Any time anything like this happens it's always six flags..

Author — Meagan


I actually cried while watching this video. I was just stuck imagining what the feeling would be to have watched my mum or someone close to my just fall to their death like that. R.I.P.

Author — Crescent Rose


Well I'm not going on a roller coaster any more....

Author — idk anymore


I was right next to that place at hurricane harbor. We heard the ambulances and cops.

Author — Natalie Blocker


The fact that I rode that same exact ride... Scares me

Author — mayowitdatyayo


If my mom died by falling off a roller coaster I would just die because I love my mom and I would sue the roller coaster place

Author — idk


The difference is that nobody dies a violent gory death if they fall off from a carousel. But for roller coasters, even if you accidentally survive, you would be feeding through a straw for the rest of your lives.

Author — Sumit Pal


This is why I will never go on a rollercoaster

Author — lil duress


so sad..Rip <3<3 people on here talking bout her weight being the cause i mean really? God dont like UGLY !!!!

Author — Susie B.


poor mom i feel so bad for her and her son but how do you get injured on a merry go round

Author — Katzthefirst


all of these theme park deaths are at six flags and my mom wants to go there D:

Author — Deh Derp Master


and people wonder why
 i dont go on roller coasters

Author — Joxter jr


Every year I’m always hearing deaths at six flags I’ll pass

Author — Sherrie Lynn


40k deaths every year in automobile accidents and no one cares.
One roller coaster death and everybody flips out.

Nothing is perfectly safe. You can't build unsinkable ships.

Author — xygomorphic44


so heart breaking 💔 bless those children and may she Rest In Peace🙏🏻 how can those employees live with themselves knowing they caused her death? They need to do better, they’re getting paid for that!

Author — Em