Preparing Illustrator Layers to Animate In After Effects

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Preparing Illustrator Layers to Animate In After Effects 5

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Name your layers. Stack your layers top left to bottom right, according to image layout.

Author — Phil Porter


for those who just want to learn how to import properly:

Make composition in After Effects.

Import AI layered file: command “i”

Enable: All Acceptable Files

Format: (blank)

Import As: composition - Retain Layer Sizes


Author — Immanuel Kant


2:11 Where the Layer action really begins!
Thank you so much for taking the time to make this video, you helped me by saving hours trying to figure it out!!!

Author — Rene Castaneda


what about layers with a gradient? when i'm importing in After that layer becomes gray; i didn't understand how organize these layers...pls help!

Author — Alessio Bruna


how do i import ai file in after effect 2019 with individual layer

Author — rujesh karmacharya


Sir you are awesome actually i had very big problem to prepare layers for after effects but then your tutorial pops up on my youtube screen and now everything is clear now thanks you so much.

Author — Haroon Aaron


You completely saved my day! I would never have worked this out without your tutorial. I'm so glad pros like you remember noobs like me 😀

Author — Will Shaman


This is exactly what I was looking for thanks! <3

Author — Conrads Sicht


Why did my character all center and I have to rebuild her in after effects again.

Author — Michael Koretzka


thank you! i have some issues with pixels (in AI all looks perfect ) but in Ae when i try to scale this problem shows up!

Author — Ol 11


After importing the ai. as the video suggested, it will appear a folder and a composition file in the project tab. Don't drag the folder to the timeline (that will make all the layers appear on the center) instead double clik the composition file (the one which looks like a film video icon with geometric figures in it), and the layers will appear automatically on the timeline in the correct position.

Author — Elissey


Literally, such a legend for posting this tutorial thank you!!

Author — James Capps


Great one, you saved me from a serious headache, thanks!

Author — Dror Levy


Does work with multiple artboards? Im having a few issues aha

Author — Emm Rouse


Finally i found this tutorial . U save my life dude .

Author — Kuku Nad


Hey awesome video, great explanations. I have quick question though, is there a way to animate text imported from an Illustrator file or do I have to create the text in After Effects in order to animate it?

Author — Brandon Perry


Thank you much, I've spent hours trying to release to layers.

Author — Monica Lindin


Awesome tutorial! Straight to the point.

Author — Sathish Kochadai


Thanks so much sir! That helped a lot! Also enjoy seeing how pros can manipulate hotkeys so quickly in AE. wow!

Author — NN J


PERFECT!, this tutorial helps me a lot

Author — Emmanuel Rodriguez Pimentel