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Sculpture Demonstration 4.5
Sculpture Demonstration by
Prof;Sarath Chandrajeewa (dean Faculty of visual arts,university of visual and performing art ,sri lanka
prof .cao chang xu (cental academy of fine arts ,beijing ,china

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Probably the two most reliable eye witnesses on Earth. "Sir, do you remember what he looks like" "Do I? I've already sculpted his face."

Author — Cars Uncovered


*_"Up next on the history channel: Sculpt Wars"_*

Author — Mohammed Hamza


"Two asians turn each other to Abraham Lincoln and Gandhi"

Author — WallFlee


I wish someone would look at me like they look at each other.

Author — Jon Irenicus


I like seeing the differences in technique between both sculptors, e.g. the Sri Lankan sculptor likes to carve large chunks of clay in large strokes and the Chinese sculptor likes use small pieces of clay to add detail.

Author — GuyWithAnAmazingHat


Only took 2 years but by god it has made it to trending

Author — Splinks


At first I thought it was a race because they kept looking at each other.. when all along they were sculpting each other haha awesome!

Author — Claire online


humans can be so creative and lovely. <3
make peace, not war.

Author — Synapsenkitzler


Ellen is going to give them a lifetime supply of sculpting clay

Author — Dormant Light


I'm totally floored, beautiful work from both artists. I'm particularly impressed with the dude convincingly sculpting transparency in the glasses. Hats off to remarkable talent.

Author — Mario Doiron


Well, while I do think the sculpture by prof Chandrajeewa looked better it's also important to notice that they both have different styles.

On top of that, prof cao chang xu has a lot of very prominent features on his face especially when it comes to his hair and beard - while the other prof is literally just a bald guy with glasses. So he kinda had the advantage there imo.
That said, I think prof cao chang xu still managed to make a very similar looking sculpture of the guy.

Author — Toast4tw


that awkward moment when you stare at each other for too long.

Author — Just a Youtuber


7:55 when that pan flute drops *sculpting intensifies*

Author — quitenerdy1


Ah, so this is what Reddit-users watch all day.

Author — SmileyGuyFilms


At first I was like: "Why do they keep looking at each other, it looks like they are trying to brag to one another". Then as the video progressed I understood. Pretty cool that they both do a sculpture of one another!

Author — Jim Brown


5 min in and I'm like, wait why tf am I watching this

Author — Julian Klimczyk


I feel like making one of these would be so calming and therapeutic

Author — thebullybuffalo


why am I watching this...I have finals tomorrow!

Author — Imperial Centurion


Mans balding but still wears a manbun bmt that's mad levels of commitment to the hipster life

Author — Pigisdeado


It's good to see competitors who respect each other, they made each other look so badass

Author — austin bevis