Mercedes E 300 Coupe - Larger and more Luxurious

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Mercedes E 300 Coupe - Larger and more Luxurious 4.5

2018 Mercedes E 300 Coupe - Drive, Interior and Exterior.
Color: Aragonite Silver.

Number of cylinders/arrangement: 4/in-line, 4 valves per cylinder
Displacement cc: 1991
Bore x stroke mm: 83.0 x 92.0
Rated output kW/hp: 180/245 at 5500 rpm
Rated torque Nm: 370 at 1400-4000 rpm
Compression ratio: 9.8: 1
Mixture formation: Petrol injection
Transmission: 9G-TRONIC
Front axle: Four-link front axle, coil springs, gas-pressure shock absorbers, stabiliser
Rear axle: Five-link independent rear suspension, coil springs, gas-pressure shock absorbers, stabiliser
Braking system: Internally ventilated front disc brakes, internally ventilated rear disc brakes, electric parking brake, ABS, Brake Assist, ESP®
Steering: Electromechanical rack-and-pinion power steering
Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 6.4 sec.
Top speed km/h: 250
Fuel consumption comb. l/100 km: 6.4

With a length of 4826 mm (+123 mm), a width of 1860 mm (+74 mm) and a height of 1430 mm (+33 mm), the new E-Class Coupé clearly outstrips its predecessor in terms of length, width and height. The principal beneficiary of the wider track, with 1605 mm at the front (+67 mm) and 1609 mm at the rear (+68 mm), is the driving dynamics.

The significantly larger footprint compared with the previous model is to the benefit of passengers with extra spaciousness and comfort. They profit especially in terms of rear knee room, front and rear shoulder room as well as rear headroom. In each of the four fully fledged seats with coupé-specific individual seat character, the driver and passengers enjoy genuine comfort on long journeys as well as the classic virtues of a grand tourer.

Powerful and efficient petrol and diesel engines, all equipped with the ECO start/stop function and complying with the Euro 6 emission standard - among them a new four-cylinder diesel engine - make for lively performance and driving enjoyment.

At market launch, there will be an initial choice between one diesel and three petrol engines. Further engine variants and 4MATIC versions will follow.

Designed to meet the future RDE limits, the four-cylinder diesel engine from the new family of Mercedes-Benz engines opens up a new dimension in efficiency. With a displacement of around two litres, the new diesel engine delivers 143 kW/194 hp, while the E 220 d impresses with a combined NEDC average consumption of 4.0 liter litres per 100 kilometres. This is equivalent to CO2 emissions of 106 grams per kilometre, with exemplary NOx values. In addition, the four-cylinder with single-stage turbocharger and variable turbine geometry is distinguished by a high level of refinement. Both the cylinder head and the crankcase are made of aluminium.

All the models available at market launch are equipped as standard with the 9G‑TRONIC nine-speed automatic transmission, which allows fast gearshifts along with lower engine speeds.

The suspension on the new E-Class Coupé offers agile driving pleasure on winding roads together with exceptional ride comfort. The Coupé comes as standard with AGILITY CONTROL suspension. In the interests of a sporty look, the suspension is 15 millimetres lower than on the Saloon and is tuned for comfort with an amplitude-dependent damping system.

The DYNAMIC BODY CONTROL suspension with adjustable damping is available as optional equipment. This suspension is likewise lowered. Using a switch in the centre console for the DYNAMIC SELECT system included as standard, the driver can vary the damping characteristics of this suspension. Three modes are available, offering a wide range of adjustment options: "Comfort", "Sport" and "Sport+".

Alternatively, the new E-Class Coupé can be equipped with multi-chamber air suspension, including all-round roll/pitch/heave stabilisation. Advantages of this system: three chambers of different size in the spring struts of the rear axle and two in the spring struts of the front axle make it possible to control the hardness of the suspension in three stages. In this way, the occupants enjoy soft basic suspension, along with the secure feeling of good handling stability at higher speeds.

The multi-chamber air suspension is augmented by a continuous, electronically controlled adaptive damping system. The damping at each individual wheel is adjusted fully automatically to suit the current driving situation and condition of the road – such as in the case of evasive manoeuvres or on rough tracks. The system therefore delivers good ride comfort along with excellent driving dynamics.

Using the DYNAMIC SELECT switch, the driver can also select different suspension characteristics in combination with the AIR BODY CONTROL system: "Comfort", ECO, "Sport", "Sport +" and Individual.

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E class more comfortable than C class. It has air ride suspension, more options, looks more like S class small brother

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Can someone explain the difference between a C63 coupe and a E class...

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The shown car has a price between 100.000 and 110.000 EUR.

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