How to reverse a caravan: Camping & Caravanning

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

The magazine team from the Camping and Caravanning Club show you how to reverse a caravan.

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💬 Comments

Great video and clear instructions.The drone footage is excellent too thank you for posting.

Author — Chris L


This is good, but I always try and gain the correct position I want to reverse into first whilst driving forwards, to prepare for the reverse manoeuvres. Thus avoiding hard lock turns where possible.

Author — Tom Nutbrown


Great video, I needed a refresher and this was perfect. Achieved perfection first try ….but that was without people watching 🤣

Author — Waveney Croson


Only reversed a couple of times and found the most difficult bit was judging when to adjust the steering to "follow" the van always either too late or too early

Author — Bertie Blue


I drive HGV, the key is easy, drive past your parking spot a few metres, turn right to make a kink in between the car and caravan, drive backwards and follow it round and make adjustments to steering as necessary, no need for big hard turns. :D

Author — Lee James


I think one bit of advice is to remember the inside wheel of the turning point is the pivot point

Author — Sparkmeister


A lot of people get confused when trying to steer in the opposite direction than their brain tells them to. If you move your hand from the top of the wheel to the bottom and move your hand in the direction you are used you end up steering in the right direction.
Both of my enclosed trailers (30' and 23' long hitch to tail) would be as large as the larger UK caravans and my tow vehicles are both bigger than anything that a UK caravan owner would be driving (one is a 42' long class A coach).

Author — Rich


If you have low range gearbox it makes such a difference using it .

Author — Patrick Murphy


A useful video, do you run courses on reversing.?

Author — John Bolton


On all these videos they are always filmed with loads of space (ie) no caravans or cars in front of the pitch you are reversing into

Author — Andy Smith


This is a good video but still lacks a lot of details I am looking for.
I certainly understand the concepts of "turning the wheel in the opposite" direction. Where I am having trouble is for a 90 degree turn after the initial turn and the caravan "heading in the right direction", do you straighten the wheels (ie bring them back to centre) or turn the wheels to the opposite as you had them to start your turn? The overhead shots from the video are brilliant except it cuts away at pivotal when the wheels are straightened and then turned to the "other" side to follow the caravan.
What I find lacking in almost every video is the details of "how much" and "when" to turn the wheel.
In the video, it sounds like you should start with turning your wheels all the way (full lock) to start the turn. Is this correct? Then once the caravan is "heading in the right direction" should I bring the wheel back to center? It appears that is what is shown in the video, after which the wheel is turned to the opposite side that you started to follow the caravan in.
It would be great if you re-edited the video to highlight the wheel position at every point in the turn and don't cut away to someone turning the wheel.

Author — J.O. Leger


All these words, words, words.... you’ll never remember what they say, best go somewhere and experiment. It’s useful to know, however that if you want to straighten up, steer towards the caravan side you can see in the mirror.

Author — Peter Cartledge


I was looking to see how to reverse a different caravan.

Author — H G


This video would have made more sense if the driver was reversing in a vacant pitch surrounded by occupied pitches, where you can’t normally drive on the grass verges.

Author — amazonia amazonia


A great tip I picked up was to phone the wife whilst she was guiding me at the back of the van. No more dodgy hand signals or muffled shouts....just a clear (hands free) conversation whilst I reverse and she guides

Author — Kevin N


Sorry but you have forgotten basic point of reversing any towed vehicle! Brakes!!

Author — morphix9


The info isn’t wrong but there’s a lot of words going on here 😐

Author — Cypher791


Only caravans what happened to camping

Author — Terence Fones