The Mexican Mormon War (Drug Cartels vs. Mormons Full Length)

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The Mexican Mormon War (Drug Cartels vs. Mormons Full Length) 4.5
The cartels of Juarez, Mexico, are at war with a group of Mormons, some of whom are related to Mitt Romney. We went there to document the conflict, meet Romney's Mormon family, and find out more about how US policy is impacting the war on drugs.

Hosted by VICE Founder Shane Smith

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Who's here after that American family was murdered?

Author — Manuel Ibarra


This definitely changes my perspective on what happened recently. Just goes to show how much mainstream news sucks at properly informing people.

Author — Bernardo Hernandez


7 years later and this shits still going on

Author — Alan Ohms


Vice calling a Mexican city “dirty poor and druggy” oh the irony. if they did that today they would make a video trashing themselves 😂

Author — Louie LoPresto


Vice is scared to do REAL stories like "US Government ties to Cartel drug rings" but ppl will believe anything T.V. says

Author — The Artist


The cartel just sent a message to the Le Baron Family. This isn’t a case of mistaken identity.

Author — jaredfd1


Who else is high watching this cause that American family got killed .

Author — Abel Hernandez


Romney be like, we need to stop the cartels from messing with my brother and his 25 wives

Author — Justin Seward


In a colony 400 grandchildren makes for a lot of future inbreeding.

Author — Shirley Hill


The only reason to go to Mexico
1. Dental work 100$ wisdoms teeth.

Author — Roland


Hey VICE, THIS is the kind of content you should've stick to.

Author — BringerOfD


This sounds like a plot to a quinten tarintino film

Author — Sidney Wilson


How was Eric Holder's or Obama's name not mentioned when they were talking about fast and furious..?

Author — johnny gonzalez


Oh! So “the Truth comes out” regarding that Mormon family

Author — Dolfo Boynas


They also have killed mexican poor families to acquisition of land.... more research on this video

Author — natxielly castaneda


Booze and Mormons is pretty heretical for them.

Author — Old Ranger


So how’s fighting the cartels going for them these days???

Author — Donnie Creasey


Imagine if procreation wasn’t important, they would be out of people. 🙃

Author — James Laliberté


“Hey Mexican police station, I’m a journalist, can I fondle all your murder weapons and wander around your evidence locker?”
-Mexican police “What locker? It’s in a truck.”

Author — Ben Boatner


this is the stuff our Media should be showing, the truth.

Author — tom Smith