Russian Proton-M launch with Spektr-RG X-ray Observatory satellite (7/13/2019)

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Russian Proton-M launch with Spektr-RG X-ray Observatory satellite (7/13/2019) 4.5

Launch date: July 13, 2019 @ 8:31 AM EDT (12:31 UTC)
Launch site: Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan
A Russian government Proton rocket and Block DM upper stage will launch the Spektr-RG X-ray observatory. Spektr-RG is a joint project between Roscosmos and DLR, the Russian and German space agencies. The mission will conduct an all-sky X-ray survey, observing galaxies and large-scale galactic clusters to help astronomers examine the role of dark energy and dark matter in the evolution of the universe. Delayed from April. Postponed from June 21 due to a human error which depleted Spektr-RG's battery prior to launch. Delayed from July 12.

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💬 Comments on the video

Wow bloody sweet beautiful rocket. I love the shock diamonds tail too.

Author — anto leyo


Spektr-RG will fly to the Lagrangian point for three months 1500 000 km.

Author — Brothers Aliens


Hello Comrades! I give you 3.6 points from 15000. Not great, not terrible.

Author — Petr Kosvica


Someone explain me why does this rocket like others do not keep the vertical flight? This is weird.

Author — guzano21


Does the Russian language bottom right mean premier transatlantica pls?

Author — Louise P


Take of speed of that "rocket" is super slow. Almost like it was a balloon.

Author — Pure Medicin


1940's German tech. 100% expendable. Well done Russia!
Putin has so far stolen over 200 "BILLION" USD from the Russian people, but only a couple billion from the Russian space program. He is easily the richest criminal or person in the world. Well done Russia!

Author — k cole