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Who Sounds Gay? | Op-Docs | The New York Times 5
This short documentary explores the reasons that some men sound stereotypically gay, whether they are or not.

Stereotypes surround all of us. In the LGBTQ community people expect some to fit into certain stereotypes. The one we explore in this video is sounding gay.


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0:28 "Do you want a nut" I have NEVER laughed so hard in my entire life

Автор — The Modern Investor


Taylor Swift's new song leaked at 3:36

Автор — Frank


I literally watched this whole thing thinking the gay sounding guy was actually gay... Not until the end when he said people can think I'm gay, but they are wrong. My mind was blown.

Автор — Bob V


The first guy sounds like Michael Jackson

Автор — Eddie1919


This went exactly as I expected. The gay sounding guy isn't gay & the non gay sounding guy is gay AF.

Автор — The Grim Saint


i noticed that my tone changes depending on who im around. when i talk with my wife and my mom, i talk in a higher pitched voice that usual (almost like im subconsciously mirroring their characteristics) but when i talk to anyone else, i talk in a lower pitched voice, which is more naturally for me.

i didnt realize i was doing it until my wife watched me interact with other people and mentioned it. i had no clue.

Автор — KandaPanda


Fascinating video. I never expect the end. You prove your point.

Автор — Peter Yang


That twist. Man, talk about smashing convention.

Автор — Kev


When that guy was HISSING😂😂😂😂😂 i died

Автор — Marble


Gaydar used to work quite well because the straight people act straight. But now since there is more acceptance, the straight people are displaying their spectrum of gender expression. There are masculine straight men and there are feminine straight men and everything in between. So gaydar is really an inaccurate thing nowadays compared to the 90's and early 2000s.

Автор — da96103


Kris doesn't sound gay. He sounds like a chick.

Автор — Anii's Brotkiste


him kissing his wife was biggest twist of 2017

Автор — Jon M


Next episode- gay mannerisms and eye rolling.

Автор — Cléo Z


The message is don't stereotype. I'm gay but many people have told me "I don't sound gay" everyone has their own way of speaking, gender or sexuality has nothing to do with either. Some men speak more feminine and some don't, it has nothing to do with who they are attracted to.

Автор — Mary Christmas


Everyone has their own voice. It's ok for straight woman to have deeper voices. It should be ok for straight men to have more feminine voices.

Автор — Phanty Mehhh


It got me wondering why there are more women sounding like a man than men sounding like a women (or a stereotypical gay man). And it is so socially acceptable for women to sound like a man, but not the other way round.

Автор — Tommy Scott


Matt is HOT and he has the sweetest smile.

Автор — Bob Kuusela


"do you want some water? do you want a nut" like wtf 😂

Автор — Jake King


when he was hissing at 3:35, The Chamber of Secrets opened...

Автор — Raz Gharbi


All men with "gay voice" I've met were straight xD it's weird because I entirely accept the fact of a very masculine man to be gay but take a straight dude with feminine voice and mannerisms and my brain will only define him as gay.

Автор — Margarita M.