Toronto Airport Terminal 1 Arrival Tour YYZ - HD -

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Toronto Airport Terminal 1 Arrival Tour YYZ - HD - 4.5

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Toronto Airport Terminal1 Arrival Tour 2018 YYZ - HD - DJI Osmo+
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فرودگاه تورنتو کانادا

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you're supposed to walk on the walkway. it was designed to make travel faster, not slower

Author — Grant Landman


I once was at toronto airport and YYZ by Rush was playing

Author — RCDude


A Great airport. and Great city to visit for a few days as I love to visit many places

Author — Ray Indra


3:18 If I didn't see the planes I would have thought its a super branch of HSBC Bank

Author — Tim Ngim


Looks like l have to get out after a long walk! Thanks for sharing.

Author — Z. I.


thanks for the toue im planning on visiting my unble there and now i get a sneek peak of the airport.

Author — Kevin Naderi


Very useful information, especially for new coming immigrants, thank you so much. Hope you like it here.

Author — Serge M


I went dere in dec 2018 i really luved it and enjoyed very much 😍😍😍😍

Author — Sadia sreya


August - connection flight from
Frankfurt to Toronto one hour waiting time delayed more than one hour - we run the huge distance my daughter's shoes were missing and my earnings on the polish first checked Wroclaw....captain was very understanding this never happened on my previous Lufthansa flights....he checked my hour connection time was not enough... he gave me some advice...

Author — Anna Rozycki


Thanks for took this video .its very nice and can feel realtime experience

Author — ராஜ்பரத்


It's a nice and big airport. Thanks for ur vedio.

Author — Malay Mukherjee


Soon i will arrived in toronto nice video thanks for uploading

Author — Random world


Thanks for the upload. I'm having 11 hours layover in Toronto, should I take the arrivals way or the connection one?

Author — moijejoue B.


GREAT video with that cam! Very smooth video also! I subbed, sub back?

Author — Aviatorspot


that airport is large I was there in 2o 17 for the first time I ask for help stay over night went to next state the next Morin i will come back beautifully airport

Author — Kimie Ling


Rhyt nowmnow I am.very excited..good to see this veiw.i am.hopefully I will be there

Author — Mohammed Omer


At first I was like, why are they wearing coats? It’s March! And then I Toronto of course they are going to be wearing coats in March 😂

Author — Ella Travels


Good video . I can’t say I’ll be using YYZ out of choice again

Author — Denise W


hey pretty big airport in Canada greville prince

Author — Greville Prince


how do you enjoy the osmo?
i got one myself but didnt have the time yet to pack it out

Author — ACID SNOW